CPH:FORUM brings together key European and international financiers, industry professionals and producers intent on discovering the latest independent and innovative works in development from documentary filmmakers, fiction filmmakers, journalists, visual artists and activitsts challenging the genre.

Science Film Factory is part of our overall CPH:SCIENCE programme and an innovative platform, seeking to spark new collaboration between filmmakers and scientists and serve as an incubator for creative documentary film and new media projects that can engage a broader audience in science and its impact on society.

As a prelude to CPH:FORUM, we present CPH:WIP, a curated collection of Nordic works-in-progress. 6 projects from high-profile Nordic producers and directors looking for final financing or distribution.

CPH:MARKET is our digital screening market. All festival delegates have access to the market, with priority given to buyers, festival programmers and curators. It is open daily during the festival, so it is a flexible alternative when having time constraints.