CPH:DOX in partnership with the Marché du Film is proud to present three works in progress, earlier launched at CPH:FORUM – the co-production platform dedicated to facilitate development and financing of highly creative and visually strong film projects.

The session takes place at Doc Corner on Sunday May 15 from 14.00-15.30 hrs. By invitation only.

Three feature film projects will be presented:

On Sceeen Off Record

Director: Rami Farah
Producers: Signe Byrge Sørensen, Final Cut for Real (Denmark), Lyana Saleh, OSOR (France)
Running time: 70 min & 55 min
Expected release: Nov. 2017

In September 2012, Yadan crosses the Syrian-Jordanian border on foot, with a hard drive full of dreams and nightmares. Since day one, he has been filming the Syrian uprisings that started in Daraa with four of his friends. The destinies of these five Syrian activists were shaped by the Syrian revolution as it went from being a non-violent movement, to a militarized and an Islamized conflict, to a vicious civil war. They were the local reporters on the ground. We have seen their images on our news programs. This film will go behind the scene and investigate these images and the narratives they became part of on TV-screens in both the Arab world and the West. This film aims to make us rethink their stories and the media machine they became a part of.

Amateurs in Space

Director: Max Kestner
Producer: Sigrid Dyekjær PGA, Danish Documentary (Denmark)
Running time: 75+
Expected release: 2016
Sales Agent: Salma Abdalla / Autlook Filmsales

Amateurs in Space is the story about two friends, Peter and Kristian, and their shared boyhood dream of traveling into space in their own home-built space rocket. If they succeed, the two Danish men will write themselves into history as the world’s first amateurs in space. But the two enthusiasts must realize that rocket science is the least of their problems.

Ray & Liz

Director: Richard Billingham
Producer: Jacqui Davies, Jacqui Davies ltd. (UK)
Running time: 90 minutes
Expected Release: 2017

On the outskirts of Birmingham and the margins of society the Billingham family perform extreme rituals and break cultural taboos as they muddle through a life decided by factors beyond their control. At times shocking and laced with an unsettling humour, three-interlinking episodes unfold as a powerful evocation of the Richard Billingham’s personal experience of growing up in a Black Country council flat.