Win tickets to the ambitious film ’Birobidjan’ and the documentary answer to ’The Wire’ – ’Town on a Wire’. The directors will visit both screenings! 

We are handing out 4 tickets for the best movies on saturday. Join the competition by sending an email to, writing what film you want to see. The competition for Birobidjan closes at 3.00PM and for Town on a Wire at 4.00PM. The winners will be contacted directly.

Birobidjan (Guy-Marc Hinant) 4.30PM, Grand Theater 

Founded by Stalin himself in 1934, today a Jewish culture on the verge of extinction. A dark and atmospheric masterpiece from the eastern edge of Russia.

A clenched fist, which at a furious pace colours a white piece of paper totally black with a piece of charcoal against a thundering choral work, is a sight that will stay with you, together with the young children’s angelic faces. And this is exactly the intention of Guy-Marc Hinant’s ‘Birobidjan’, which is an attempt to preserve a place, a people and a culture in a cinematic form. The city Birobidjan is located in Oblast, which was created in 1934 by Stalin himself as an independent state for communist Jews, in the far eastern part of the Soviet Union. Over time, it became a thriving haven for Jews from all parts of the world, but today they are only a disappearing minority in a culture on the brink of disintegration. Even if Oblast is still the only recognised Jewish state outside Israel. You sense the presence of the past in the spaces and landscapes, in every moment and in every dark and atmospheric image of Hinant’s at once humble and monumentally ambitious film opus. 

Meet the director after the screening.

Town on a Wire (Uri Rosenwaks, Eyal Blachson) 7.15PM, Grand Theater

The documentary answer to ‘The Wire’. An immersive film from an Israeli town in total dissolution, where the future is in the hands of a single man.

The ancient Romans called Lod the City of God. Today, it is a dilapidated suburb ten minutes from Tel Aviv, and a home for both the Palestinian drug barons and fanatical Israeli settlers. Abject poverty has cultivated an environment of racism and violence, and the 75,000 Muslim, Jewish and Christian inhabitants live from day to day in constant fear. All the city’s conflicts are linked, and both the police and politicians, religious leaders and local gangs are involved. The changing mayors have simply driven Lod further and further into the abyss, until the Israeli government was finally forced to step in and appoint one man to save the collapsing city. Uri Rosenwalks and Eyal Blachson’s film offers an immersive, cinematic view on Lod’s inflamed state, and uncovers the nuances in the strained relations between Jews and Palestinians. From the forefront of gang wars to religious and national confrontations, but also to the courageous men and women who have not yet abandoned their beloved, cursed city. Narrated with the fervour of a thriller, and two protagonists who could not have been written any better had they been made up.

Meet the director after the screening.