Yet again we give you the opportunity to win 2×2 tickets for two incredible film on today’s programme:

‘The Death of J. P Cuenca ‘
In July 2008, the young Brazilian writer – and now also filmmaker – João Paulo Cuenca was told the news of his own death. A true story about doppelgangers and identity theft, as if taken out of a delirious piece of pulp literature, and a plot that Cuenca tries to solve while also embellishing the fiction of his labyrinthine meta-docu-noir of a debut film. Watch the film in Gloria 17:00. The competition ends at 15:00.

‘Iron Grandpa‘
 The 72-year-old Finn Esko Ketola is a four-times world champion weightlifter, and before the strong-as-an-ox senior resigns and leaves the stage to younger forces, he plans to take the first prize at a last World Cup. But the road to the podium and to the final triumph takes more than just discipline and hard training, and it is paved with events that even the stubborn Esko could not have predicted! Watch the film in Empire 22:30, where you can also meet Esko and the director. The competition ends at 18:00.

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Good luck!