Would you like to go to the movies tonight? We give out 2×2 tickets for two films today.

The Moulin
Taiwan’s first group of modern poets gather in the 1930s in a quiet protest against the cultural superiority of the colonial power. In ’The Moulin’ enigmatic tableaux and beautifully calligraphed texts surround the ‘Moulin’ members, and you sense an echo of their fellow Taiwanese writer Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s epic and elliptical period dramas. Meet the director at the screening tonight in Cinemateket 21:00.

‘Star Men’: Universal issues in a road trip-docu
Four outstanding astronomers commemorate fifty years of friendship, their youthful adventures and their joint discovery in a life-affirming road trip through the American Southwest. But how has working with vastness of space and the most universal issues affected their outlook on life – and death? Tonight the film is shown in Absalon 21:00 and you can meet the director in conversation with the astrophysicist Anja Cetti Andersen.

What movie would you like to see? Send an email to jakob@cphdox.dk before 19:00 with your movie wish.

Good luck!