One of the world’s biggest documentary film festivals has been running for five days – but there are still six days left! We guide you to this week’s world premieres, prominent guests, amazing music experiences, quirky events and cool parties.

Quirky events
Tag along with CPH:DOX around the city when the festival shows documentaries at odd locations. On Friday the 13th Absalon opens the church door for an evening dedicated to the docu-horror film ‘The Nightmare’, which will be followed by a DJ set with the performance group Vinyl Terror and Horror. Later in the week, you can see the documentary ‘i-D Presents: Documentary in Style’ in TELTET, where the magazine i-D discusses fashion, street culture and new trends in a stylish documentary mixture.

Are you more of stand-up guy (pun intended)? Ross Sutherland visits CPH:DOX with an old VHS-tape, which form the fundament of his autobiographical stand-up show, Stand by for Tape Back-up. Another event that will make you laugh is the yearly Youtube-Battle. In the battle struggling teams compete to show the wildest, most daring and craziest clips from the streaming service.

World premieres and prominent guests
On Tuesday, one of this year’s most important films ‘A Good American’ world premieres at CPH:DOX. Here you can meet the director Friedrich Moser and protagonist and whistleblower William Binney. The film is about how corruption, lies and personal ambition led to the closure of a cheap and effective monitoring system that could have prevented 9/11. Right after the premiere CPH:DOX invites you to this year’s anti monitoring afterparty, ‘Blow My Whistle-party’, with exclusive guest bartenders, free entrance and lots of surprises!

On Saturday Naomi Klein’s climate film ‘This Changes Everything’ premieres at various venues in the whole country, where Klein, Avi Lewis and Uffe Elbæk are also present. From climate policy to the Israel/Palestine-conflict; ‘Town on a Wire’ will have its world premiere on Wednesday, where the director and the two main characters will also be present.

You can also watch the film ‘Citizen Khodorkovsky’ which is about billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was sent to a labor camp in Siberia. Strangely enough at the same time as he started interfering in the reformation of the democratic, Russian civil society and criticising president Putin. The film will have its world premiere on Wednesday. Director Eric Bergkraut’s and Khodorkovsky’s lawyer and human activist Karinna Moskalenko will also be present at the screening.

Among other prominent guests are the two boys from the film ‘The Wolf Pack’. The film is about the seven long-haired boys who spent their childhood locked up in an apartment in New York. As a way of passing time, they have rewritten scripts from their favourite films and reenacted them. Now they are out of the New York apartment and currently visiting Copenhagen – meet them on Tuesday!

From an unusual upbringing in New York to an almost idyllic childhood in Norway. Aslaug Holm has filmed her two sons for eight years! The result is ‘Brødre’, a documentary full of love. Holm will also be present at the premiere on Thursday.

The director of ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ will also visit CPH:DOX in relation to the world premiere of his film. The film is about how we in the modern world are constantly and (in)voluntarily surrounded by sound and how silence might just be the ultimate experience of audio. After the film we invite you to a silent disco and panel discussion. You can also experience the artists Kim Nyberg, Tomas Barfod, Nigash Ali and Mikkel Wad Larsen, who also dedicate the evening to silence.

The director and soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause has also worked with sounds in ‘A Pursuit of Silence’. Since the late 1960s, he has traveled around the world to capture the sounds of nature. 15,000 sounds are saved in his gigantic archive ‘Wild Sanctuary’ with over 4.500 hours of recordings of life in the the rain forests, the world seas and the sky. Come and listen!

Conferences at CPH:DOX
In TELTET in Kongens Have you can also learn more about documentary at CPH:CONFERENCE when directors, executives and artists meet to discuss the relationship between art, creativity and documentaries. Both Julia Kaganskiy, director of the New Museum’s art & tech department, artist Ingrid Burrington and artist collective BeAnotherLab visit CPH:CONFERENCE and explore how art and creativity in correlation with new technology can catalyse innovation and change.

It is also in TELTET that F:ACT CONFERENCE will take place. There, creative minds from the disciplines of film, media, communication, journalism and technology gather to explore the current state of documenting and transforming the media landscape.

Plenty of music!
Wednesday is jazz night with ‘Montmartre All Stars vs. Cool Cats’ at Jazzhouse Montmartre.Thursday brings CTM + First Flush to Absalon Church, and Friday the Veto-frontman Troels Abrahamsen throws in violent emotions on the piano when Exec vs. Obscura play at Bremen Teater. Saturday Lorenzo ‘Guf’ Woodrose vs. ‘Born To Lose’ take us on a psychedelic mushroom quest in the film ‘Born To Lose’ , and will give a concert in Albertslund.

Do you still want more? So you can go to Knippelsbro all week where the bridge tower has been converted into a jazzy music and film gallery – even with free admission!

Fresh parties!
If you are fresh, then this year’s CPH:DOX’s most funkadelic party in Bremen is for you. Before the party we will show the film ‘Fresh Dressed’ on street style in Bronx and Harlem in the 1970s, which laid the foundation for a whole new way of life: hip hop! If you are more Beyoncé than Jay-Z, CPH:DOX and Bremen invite you to a glamorous evening dedicated to Beyoncé, where Queen B’s tunes will be heard all night. When the festival comes to an end, it will close with a knockout party. In the Meatpacking district we will be playing heavy beats and merry tones until dawn – and you’re invited!

Refugees against Fortress Europe
Tuesday to Thursday the theme is asylum in Skuespilhuset. On Tuesday you can see the freaky film ‘Those Who Feel the Fire Burning’ about a group of refugees on their way to Europe by boat, when a storm suddenly tilts the ship and an old man falls overboard into a hallucinatory and dark world.

In addition to regular film screenings, CPH:DOX also hosts the showing of asylum-related films during the festival. ‘Lille Scene’ in Skuespilhuset, in cooperation with Eventministeriet will be taken over by CPH:DOX. Each evening we will focus on asylum and refugee films with a following discussion and Q&A with particular directors and participants from the films.