Today CPH:DOX present eight world premieres, including six movies that are nominated in competition.

In Limbo (Antoine Viviani), 21.30, Grand Teatret

Big data, big ideas. An original and visually unique charting of the internet’s labyrinthine interior – and its soul.

Citizen Khodorkovsky, Grand Teatret, 11.00

The struggle for an open Russia, according to the country’s most prominent opposition politician – the wealthy, controversial oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Fragment 53, Empire Bio, 17.00.

A terrifying and hypnotic vision of hell, which comes from Heraclitus and can be found in the dark, Liberian mangrove forests.

The Letters, Cinemateket, 17.15.

Dark Mexican film about a political miscarriage of justice, staged as a sensory and psychological trip from a different world.

Birobidjan, Grand Teatret, 19.00.

Founded by Stalin himself in 1934, today a Jewish culture on the verge of extinction. A dark and atmospheric masterpiece from the eastern edge of Russia.

Time Passes + When You’re Watching This Film, I’m Already Another, Cinemateket, 19.30.

An art project – 10 months on the street with a beggar. Art or provocation?

Town on a Wire, Empire Bio, 19.45.

The documentary answer to ‘The Wire’. An immersive film from an Israeli town in total dissolution, where the future is in the hands of a single man.

In Pursuit of Silence, Grand Teatret, 21.30.

From John Cage to Japanese zen monasteries. Around the world in an (anti) musical film about the ultimate listening experience: silence.