Today you can win tickets to the docu-thriller ‘The Fear of 13’ and the hybrid film ‘God Bless The Child’, both nominated for DOX:AWARD, as well as the film ‘Monty Python: The Meaning of Live’ on the world famous satirical group. 

You can take part in the competition by sending an e-mail to 

Winners will be notified. 

‘Monty Python: The Meaning of Live’. The contest ends at 15:00. Meet the film’s producer, and Terry Gilliam’s daughter, Holly Gilliam. 

And now for something completely different! Monty Python on stage in a film that follows the mad troupe at work with their first (and last) live show in 34 years. Read more here.

‘God Bless the Child’. Empire Bio pm. 20:00. The contest ends at. 16.00. Meet the film’s directors!

Five children at home alone in a house in California. An energetic and wild hybrid, where suburban reality and minimal staging become a lively whole. Read more here.

‘The Fear of 13’ Grand Theatre at. 21:30. Meet the director! Co-presented in collaboration with film magazine Ekko. Meet the man who asked to be killed. Phenomenal storytelling and fascinating character study, when it simply doesn’t get any better. Read more here.