On Tuesday, we have revealed a double film and concert evening, and today we are adding even more new acts to our AUDIO:VISUALS programme! 

CPH:DOX’s music programme includes both sharp music documentaries and unique concerts that combine music with visuals. The entire music programme will be revealed on February 17 and celebrated with a completely sold out Bowie programme launch in Bremen Teater.

On Tuesday, the festival added a punk event to the screening of a film about GG Allin, as well as a special Scottish indie-evening programme, added to our already existing concert programme in our designer sofa cinema with Tindersticks, Avey-Tare, IRAH & Itasca and Jacques Greene.

Today the festival invites you to three new audiovisual experiences, including a dance video installation, a comic book reading with live score and 90s drum&bass and RnB!

New soundtracks for dance video pieces at Jazzhouse

Experimental live music meets video installations dedicated to choreography, dance and performance when the curator Group Autopsia presents three videos and three new soundtracks at the Jazzhouse. ‘Showroomdummies’ by Giselé Vienne and Etienne Bideau-Rey will be interpreted by avant-garde rock&jazz band SVIN. The dark piece ‘Tragedia Endogonidia – BN.#05 Bergen’ by Societa’s Raffaello Sanzio will receive a soundtrack by the noisy Stockholm producer and DJ HAJ300. Finally, Danish performer Casper-Malte Augusta’s dance piece ‘Fernweh’ will be accompanied by Last Lizard’s (Alex Hungtai, Dirty Beaches) new saxophone-based track.

AUTOPSIA x CPH:DOX – Last Lizard + SVIN + HAJ300. Friday March 17, Jazzhouse. Doors open 20:00 Tickets 100DKK here

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Comic book evening with live reading and score 

The cartoonist and comic books creator Halfdan Pisket will visit CPH:DOX for a special audiovisual constellation with saxophonist and clarinettist Lars Greve and electronic artist Tobias Lee aka Why Be on March 22. With the release of ‘Dansker’, Pisket closes his 2016 trilogy about theTurkish-Armenian father’s life. Greve and Why Be will accompany Pisket with a live score when he reads from ‘Dansker’. The comic’s gloomy and expressive universe encapsulates the young cartoonist’s personal experience with his father’s physical and mental battles. The reading and music will of course be accompanied by a projection of images from the comic book.

Halfdan Pisket vs. Lars Greve & Why Be. Wednesday, March 22, 20:00, Absalon. Tickets

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Drum&bass and 90s RnB from Machinedrum 

With a great combination of frantic drum&bass beats and 90s RnB cool laid back harmonies, Machinedrum sets the tone for what could both be a chill contemplative evening as well as an ecstatic and wild dance party. This gives only a small glimpse of what the American producer and musician can offer with his musical experiments. His compositions make the music change quickly from one beat and mood to another in a gloriously cacophonous jumble. At the Vega concert, Machinedrum will also show visuals that will make even the most shiest dancer’s jaw drop. 

Machinedrum. March 27, Lille Vega. Doors: 20.00. Ticket price: 160DKK. Tickets

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