At this year’s 5-day conference presented by CPH:DOX and Documentary Campus, you will be able to delve into some of the most trending and inspirational topics across the worlds of film, technology, science, arts, new media and their intersections.

For the first time, CPH:DOX and Documentary Campus team up to present CPH:CONFERENCE, and we are opening the doors to a unique 5-day event offering a packed programme of case studies, keynotes, workshops, discussions and international networking opportunities. The conference takes place March 20 to 24 during CPH:DOX in the brand new festival center at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. It will be open to industry professionals as well as general audiences, and you can get access to all of it with an accreditation or a ticket for the individual days.

Each one of the five days of the conference is dedicated to a different theme and is carefully orchestrated by internationally renowned curators. We are thrilled to be announcing the five broad themes for you to explore!

Monday 20: Art, Technology & Change – presented in partnership with Information

Under the theme, Art, Technology & Change, we focus on the rising political awareness and activism at the intersection of art, technology and social change. Join artists and social influencers across a range of interactive sessions exploring how technology drives, shapes and warps the boundaries of society and changes the way we experience, receive and perceive information. The day is curated by Mark Atkin and Lars Højholt and pursues the two main topics of art’s potential as an activism tool and the future role of human – machine interfaces. Among many other things, find out how the participant’s mind can become part of a narrative experience with Karen Palmer, and discover the use of AR in Ram Devineni comic book inspired project against gender-based violence in India.


Tuesday 21: Science & Film

A day dedicated to exploring creative collaboration between Science & Film. Join us for a highly interactive day with leading thinkers and creatives in science, film and communication. Leave with new tools for future cinematic explorations in the world of science and ideas for completely new ways of collaborating across sectors. Speakers will include, among others, the notable Danish philosopher and logician Vincent Hendricks, Nadja Oertelt, scientist, filmmaker and co-founder of the company Massive, and Sonia Epstein of the Sloan Foundation and  Museum of the Moving Images in New York. The day is curated by AC Coppens (The Marketing Catalysts).


Wednesday 22: Serialized

On the third day of the conference we are investigating a new and exciting format under the theme Serialized. The day’s programme is curated by Thom Powers who will examine the concept of series from different perspectives. Listen in when Thom will be in conversation Emmy Award-winner Ezra Edelman, Director of the Oscar-nominated series ‘OJ: MADE IN AMERICA’. Go in-depth with the editors Richard Hankin and Mary Manhardt of respectively the HBO smash hit ‘The Jinx’ and the Netflix blockbuster ‘Making a Murderer’. Take a tour in the world of serialised podcasts when we spot trends, identify key players to watch and offer tips for starting your own podcast with Nick Quah.


Thursday 23: The Art of Impact

Curated by Sarah Mosses, The Art of Impact is a day dedicated to exploring how film can turn experience into action with a conscious effort to make an impact. The day provides a launch pad for impact distribution campaign strategies through inspiring case studies and hands-on workshops. Get in the mood with Beadie Finzi, who has pioneered the growth of impact partnerships through the Good Pitch initiative, and get your hands dirty with a live strategy session, when the audience makes an impact strategy for a film screening in the festival. Dive deep into how National Geographic secured 60 Million views for Leonardo Dicaprio’s film ‘Before the Flood’.


Friday 24: Art:Film

We conclude with one of our long standing focuses on the intersections between Art & Film. The day is curated by Jacqui Davies and explores What is Reality? In a series of presentations and discussions around the concept of reality and its relationship to art and documentary, we will bring key thinkers and cultural producers from different disciplines to CPH:DOX to expand on their work and understanding of the notion of reality.


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Ram Devineni

Co-creator of the augmented reality comic book, Priya’s Shakti, which received the 2014 Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund from the Ford Foundation. Producer, editor and director of the feature documentary The Human Tower, producer of the Sundance Film Festival winner The Russian Woodpecker.

Ezra Edelman

Documentary producer and director. Notable works include: O.J.: Made in America (ESPN, 2016), Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals (HBO), and the Emmy Award-winning Brooklyn Dodgers: Ghosts of Flatbush.

Beadie Finzi

Foundation Director, BRITDOC. Executive Producer, Only When I Dance (Tigerlily Films, 2009) Producer, Unknown White Male (Spectre Films, 2005). Responsible for the global Good Pitch programme. Developer, the Impact Field Guide and the Doc Impact Award.

Vincent F. Hendricks

Danish philosopher and logician, Dr. Phil, PhD. Professor of Formal Philosophy and Director of the Center for Information and Bubble Studies, (CIBS) at the University of Copenhagen.

Awarded the Elite Research Prize by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, 2008.

Tabitha Jackson

Director of the Documentary Film Program (DFP) at the Sundance Institute. Award-winning Commissioning Editor, director, and producer of non-fiction work. Recent films supported by the DFP include CitizenFour, Rich Hill, Hunting Ground and The Look of Silence. Previously served as Head of Arts and Performance at Channel 4 Television, UK.

Richard Hankin

Supervising Editor of ‘The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)”’ Known for his work on God Loves Uganda (2013), Capturing the Friedmans (2003) and ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway (2007).

Mary Manhardt

Picture Editor specialising in verite films. Works include Making a Murderer (Netflix, 2015),  American Promise (POV, 2014) and Street Fight (POV, 2005), Winner, Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Non-Fiction Programming – Picture Editing, 1999 for Investigative Reports: The Farm: Life Inside Angol (A&E 1999).

Nadja Oertelt

Scientist, media producer and documentary filmmaker. Co-founder of Massive, a science media company that aims to engage the public and scientists in new ways. Producer of the online course The Fundamentals of Neursocience for Harvard University.

Karen Palmer

Award winning multi-disciplinary immersive filmmaker and international speaker. Has created various immersive video installations and interactive experiences such as Riot and Syncself.

Sonia Shechet Epstein

Executive Editor of the Museum of the Moving Image’s online publication Science & Film. Previously Senior Program Associate at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, tasked with evaluating proposals for a multi-platform arts program to enhance the public understanding of science. Text preparer, The Age of Insight (Random House 2012), Dr. Eric R. Kandel of Columbia University.  

Nick Quah

Founder and publisher of Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcast and on-demand audio content. Freelance journalist, specialized in tech industry, podcasts and the media.



Mark Atkin / Crossover Labs

Mark is the Director of Crossover Labs. As former Head of the Documentary Campus Masterschool and a former Commissioner for TV and Online (SBS Television, Australia), he has a broad knowledge of international transmedia industries.  

Lars Højholt / Information

Lars is a journalist and project manager at the Danish daily newspaper, Information. His expertise is in technology, focusing on the philosophical, sociological, anthropological and ethical questions that arise from ongoing technological achievements and possibilities.

Jacqui Davies / Jacqui Davies Ltd.

Jacqui is a London-based producer and curator. Working internationally with artists on projects involving film and video, she has facilitated projects for cinema, television, galleries, site-specific events, stage, and online platforms.

Sarah Mosses / Together Films

Sarah is a UK-based film strategist who helps film industry professionals craft impact distribution campaigns to increase their social impact, audience reach and revenue potential. She is an award-winning producer and has worked across several European markets as a mentor.

Thom Powers / DOC NYC

Thom Powers is the Artistic Director of DOC NYC and Stranger Than Fiction. He has also been the documentary programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) since 2006. He created the TIFF Doc Conference and curates the digital streaming platform SundanceNow Doc Club. He also hosts the podcast Pure Nonfiction and WNYC’s Documentary of the Week. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

AC Coppens / The Marketing Catalysts

AC Coppens is the founder of The Marketing Catalysts, a Berlin-based management company for innovative and creative players at the crossroads of film, music, games, design, media and tech. AC Coppens specialises in the challenges of entering new markets and is also a speaker, tutor and presenter for events in the field of marketing, tech and creative topics.