Nyan Cats, sneezing pandas and next week’s viral super hits – The legendary YouTube Battle is back, and you are the judge!

The audience is guaranteed a howl of talent, musical surprises and nyancats in poor resolution, when we open the doors for this year’s YouTube-Battle in Lille Vega. The rules are straightforward: Teams compete in turn against each other in a tournament to show the wildest and most far out clips from the gold mines of YouTube to win your and the rest of the audience’s love. But as something new this year we have received prominent media to give their tribute. Here are the teams:

The Voice vs. DR P3
Bakken vs. Tivoli
Gaffa vs. Soundvenue

It all kicks off tomorrow, and you can join. Join the Facebook event, buy tickets here and show up in Lille Vega to a night out with the legendary DOX classic – the Youtube Battle!