Yesterday the winner of the DR Talent Award was decided by the jury, and we are now able to tell you who it is!

The DR Talent Award is provided by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation to help young, aspiring filmmakers get started. The criteria of the award is originality of vision and connection to a broader societal context, as well as realisability within the confines of a year. The best pitch will receive 25.000 DKK in production support and ongoing professional guidance from DR, as well as support with professional production equipment from the Film Workshop.

6 films made it through to the final round of the competition yesterday at CPH:DOX, where each competitor was given 7 minutes to pitch their films to the jury. The films were: In Spite of Gravity, Deep into the Forest, Let Me Do the Talking, Rwandan Dreams of Cycling, Habibi and Playmate.


And the winner of the DR Talent Award 2017 is…

“Kald mig beskidt” (Let me do the talking) by Mie Mollerup Jørgensen and Maria Houborg!

“Let me do the talking” explores the language of dirty talk. It takes a closer look at both the tender and the vulgar, and listens to the unfamiliar words of a phone sex worker on a bad phone connection. In the film you see two young women on a personal journey towards empowerment from a skyhigh selfiestick. It demolishes the dividing lines between good girl and bad girl in the shades of pink lights and glitter. It refuses to choose between being a respectable girl without a sexual vocabulary and being an overly sexual(ized) stereotype, whilst saying the words ‘big hard throbbing cock’ for the first time, with an unsure voice and embarrassed giggles.

Congratulations to Mie and Maria, we look forward to see what they make in the next year!