The full schedule of CPH:CONFERENCE presented in partnership with Documentary Campus, taking place March 20-24 during CPH:DOX 2017, has now been announced. 

We can’t wait to open the doors at Kunsthal Charlottenborg to our brand new 5-day event and present an extensive programme of keynotes, case studies and interactive experiences in the fields of film, technology, science and art.

The full programme has now been released and the schedule can be found here. Tickets are available for each day. Guests with an Industry accreditation get access to full programme of the conference. You can still get your accreditation here

Monday 20: Art, Technology & Change – organised in collaboration with Information

Curated by Mark Atkin and Lars Højholt

At the intersection between art, technology & change we explore how artists are embracing new tools to comment on the world and the post-human condition with rising political awareness and activism, how we interact, live and work with robots and artificial intelligence and what is ultimately revealed about ourself and our humanity. See the full schedule and buy tickets here

Tuesday 21: Science & Film

Curated by: AC Coppens

It is now more than ever time to get closer to the facts. This conference day about science and film is your chance to understand how to communicate scientific research in a way that makes everyone feel that you care about the facts without losing your audience.See the full schedule and buy tickets here

Wednesday 22: Serialized

Curated by: Thomas Powers

Serialized storytelling has become a major part of the documentary landscape. Once a series like “The Staircase” was considered a fluke, now titles like “The Jinx,” “Making a Murderer,” and “OJ: Made in America” are must-see events and a top priority for broadcasters and SVOD platforms. We explore what the format offers filmmakers and meet those who have excelled in it.See the full schedule and buy tickets here

Thursday 23: The Art of Impact

Curated by: Sarah Mosses

We are living in a “post truth” world, where the role of the documentary community, bringing forward powerful messages, has become more crucial than ever. Explore what it takes to craft impact strategies that ensure a film delivers real world accountability and be inspired to think big. See the full schedule and buy tickets here

Friday 24: Art:Film

Curateret by: Jacqui Davies

When even the highest powers refer to “alternative facts” – it seems that understanding of reality has already shifted. One has to question whether the nature of reality itself has actually changed? Join prominent artists and thinkers to discuss what role an artists and art can play in this context. See the full schedule and buy tickets here