The new Danish film ’Mand Falder’ about the artist Per Kirkeby will be the opening film at CPH:DOX 2015 and will afterwards be screened in cinemas all over the country in a collaboration with DOXBIO.

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What happens when a world-famous artist suddenly loses his natural abilities, when he no longer can tell the colours from each other or see the edge of the canvas?

The film director Anne Wivel has followed her friend, the painter Per Kirkeby, up close after he fell down a flight of stairs and hit his head. He had previously recovered from a brain haemorrhage and two blood clots, but the fall on the stairs two years ago resulted in a brain injury that prevents him from working. He has not just lost his mobility, but also the ability to recognise colours and even his own art works.

In an intense drama the film follows Per Kirkeby, who is fighting for a comeback, while at the same time acknowledging his lack of progress. For him it seems to be a long way back, because art is not just a question of being able to paint something beautifully and successfully, the essence lies in transgressing good taste. Besides the artist, we also meet his wife, friends and collaborators, but the absolute protagonist is Per Kirkeby in his unusually open encounter with the film director Anne Wivel and her camera. Everything – from everyday rehabilitation to emotional insights – are presented in a sober way

The film director Anne Wivel has known Per Kirkeby throughout decades, but when he contacted her a couple of years ago and asked her to drop by with her camera, she had no idea this would become a film. For Anne Wivel it seemed like a continuation of her previous film, the critically acclaimed film ’SVEND’ about the husband and politician Svend Auken.

DR Koncerthusets sets the scene for this year’s opening gala, which will be a tribute to Per Kirkeby. This The festival director Tine Fischer and the director of Louisiana, Poul Erik Tøjner, will welcome you to a night which will feature the world premiere of Anne Wivel’s new film ‘Man Falling’. After the screening, Per Kirkeby’s colleagues, the geologist Minik Rossing and the artist Tal R will talk about their special relationship with Kirkeby. The evening is interpreted and presented in the framework of a specially commissioned audio visual show, composed by the Danish musician Snölepoarden and the design and art collective Dark Matters.

’Mand Falder’ will have it’s world premier at the opening of the 13th edition of the film festival CPH:DOX with two screenings during the festival besides the opening gala. After the festival the film will be distributed through DOXBOB and premiers November 11 in more than 50 cinemas across Denmark. Go to for more info.