Tereza Šimíková is joining CPH:DOX as the new Head of our international financing and co-production platform CPH:FORUM from September 1.

We are delighed to announce that Tereza Šimíková will be joining our team as our new Head of CPH:FORUM, our international financing and co-production platform, from September 1. Tereza comes from a position as Head of Industry of East Doc Platform, the largest co-production market and pitching forum focused on the Central and Eastern European region. She graduated with a degree in documentary filmmaking from FAMU, Prague in 2009, and from 2012-16 she was Program Manager of dok.incubator. Since 2017, in her position of International Program Consultant, Tereza tailors the international strategy for the grantees of Chicken and Egg Pictures, the New York and San Francisco based funding and mentorship body which supports women nonfiction filmmakers.

Tereza Šimíková is taking over as Head of CPH:FORUM from Daniella Eversby who has decided to take some time off after 10 years of working at the festival.

Head of Industry and CPH:DOX Deputy Director Katrine Kiilgaard says: “I am happy that Tereza has accepted to join our team. With her background, she brings both the necessary skills and new networks to the CPH:DOX organisation, and with her great passion for the documentary community, she brings just the right energy to run and further develop CPH:FORUM, our most important industry activity.”

Tereza Šimíková says: “As the documentary industry we have come to a point where we need to challenge the traditional business models and to come up with innovations. This is a time for new solutions. That’s why I am very happy to join CPH:DOX, as one of the most progressive international documentary festivals, globally. I am very confident that CPH:DOX is a place where new ideas can find their home, to later spread to the rest of Europe.”

The 2019 edition of CPH:FORUM will be open for submissions from September 1. You can find more information about how to apply here.

Press contact regarding Tereza Šimíková’s appointment as Head of CPH:FORUM:

Katrine Kiilgaard / katrine@cphdox.dk