Suprise! CPH:DOX has an ace up its sleeve when on Friday they’ll screen the World Premiere of a concert film with When Saints Go Machine and the threatened-with-closure Copenhagen Phil, as well as DJs in Bremen Teater. And also, Avey Tare and Abby Portner move into Kunsthal Charlottenborg on Sunday!

The symphony orchestra Copenhagen Phil, which according to the Ministry of Culture are on their last legs, and the electronic pop quartet When Saints Go Machine cross musical paths in a new concert film ’60 Minutes of When Saints Go Machine’ that premieres at CPH:DOX Friday. After the film there will be a panel debate about the music in the film, followed by dj’ing by When Saints Go Machine and Den Sorte Skole.

Come join an epic, visual and musical sense bombardment when CPH:DOX screens the concert film “60 minutes of When Saints Go Machine” – with four songs from last month’s critically acclaimed concert with When Saints Go Machine and the Symphony Orchestra Copenhagen Phil. The concert also contains a range of short interviews that show the special collaboration between rhythmic and classical musicians, and that excels with beautiful pictures, sublime sound and intimate portraits of both the big symphony orchestra as well as When Saints Go Machine with their charismatic singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild at the front.

Paneldebate and dj’ing

Before the concert film Copenhagen Phil’s music boss Uffe Savery and a handful of musicians from other genres that earlier worked with the orchestra in their “60 minutes” concert format – and now all supporting the orchestra’s survival.

When Saints Go Machine, Copenhagen Phil’s house composer, Den Sorte Skole and Christian Balvig will all be at the panel debate. After the debate When Saints Go Machine and Den Sorte Skole will spin a few records together.

Denmark’s Innovative Symphony Orchestra

Since 2011 the Orchestra of Sjælland has been working towards making innovative music in meeting with musicians from other genres. This has resulted in a genre bending concert format that no other Danish orchestras perform, and with concert combinations including Den Sorte Skole, Nikolaj Nørlund, Oh Land, Efterklang, Mew, Love Shop, DJ Noize and of course the latest When Saints Go Machine. The 60 minute concerts concentrate on showing the many forms of expressions a symphony orchestra to a young public can take, and not just repeat guests.

“Our vision is to make classical music relevant for a new audience. I believe that if the orchestra survives then these meetings between the rhythmic and the classical music environment will play a bigger and more important role in the Danish musical community” says their musical leader Uffe Savery.

Charismatic concert film

The concert film is made by the director Andreas Munksgaard and is filmed at one of the two sold out concerts at the Conservatoire concert hall (Former Radiohuset). February 4 2017. A concert that got the Gaffa reviewer out of his chair with 6 stars:

“One was taken, spellbound from the start… It was a concert on a level that is rarely seen in this country. With an orchestra laying the grounds for enthusiastic  composers to fantasise and create, before the band themselves added the last touch of magic.”

Link to Gaffa’s review here.

18.30, Friday March 24 / Bremen / ”60 minutes of When Saints Go Machine”. Tickets.

Postponed concert with Avey Tare and Abby Portner closes the year’s concert program with a neo-psychedelic live show at Charlottenborg

Last Thursday Animal Collective’s sibling pair Avey Tare and Abby Portner were to open CPH:DOX’s concert program, but the concert went ahead without Avey Tare, who was caught in a snowstorm and couldn’t fly to the country. Instead First Hate and other Danish musicians moved in place for a very special improvised concert set at Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s Social Cinema.

But now for the good news: On Sunday March 26 at 20.00 Avey Tare and Abby Portner will finally make it to the Social Cinema in Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and will now make what was to be the opening concert the closing concert of CPH:DOX 2017.

Pictures and sound go up in a neo-psychedelic totality when Avey Tare and Abby Portner close the new festival centre with an audiovisual performance in the festivals colourful sofa cinema. Dave Portner (Aka. Avey Tare) is the singer and songwriter of Animal Collective, while the sister Abby is tied to the group as visual artist and with countless collaborations on the CV – from the Velvet Underground’s John Cale to the Danish band Reptile Youth. The unruly animal collective have been guests at CPH:DOX multiple times in different shapes and forms,m and Dave & Abby have prepared this performance especially to the space of the festival castle Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Those that had tickets to the concert March 16 who decided to keep hold of their tickets can use their tickets to this concert. For those that don’t have tickets, they can be bought here.