Stream five films from this year’s programme

Together with Politiken, we provide you with two days of free streaming five films from this year’s programme. Tune in from Wednesday April 3rd at 12:00 right here(Only available with a Danish internet connection)


The five friends from southern Funen behind Denmark’s best live band (according to themselves!) enjoy a meteoric rise from fringe Denmark to Roskilde Festival.

A Cherry Tale

Three Danish entrepreneurs embark on making cherry wine on the island of Lolland. An adventure about taking the leap from hobby to risky business.

Humanity on Trial

The young Danish activist who was arrested for helping shipwrecked refugees and sucked into a several-year-long legal process.

Hunting for Hedonia

Does happiness live in the brain? And can depression be cured with electrodes? A Danish film about the mysteries of the brain asks the big questions.

School of Seduction – Three Stories From Russia

Normcore in Russian. Three women sign up for a course in scoring wealthy males in a society where money and social prestige is everything.