In 2014 CPH:DOX added 17 extra screenings to the original programme. But this year, the films at the festival have been so popular that the number of additional screenings are nearly doubled – with 32 screenings in total!


Today you can watch the following films:

With a population of 94 and a geographic location in the swamps between Louisiana and Texas, the town of Uncertain is more a state of mind than an actual place. As the sheriff himself says: you have to get lost to find us.  A place and a state that the directing duo Ewan McNicol and Anna Sandilans explore in their debut film with an eminent sense for both.
See ‘Uncertain’ 21:30 in Grand. Buy tickets here.

‘Town on Wire’
The ancient Romans called Lod the City of God. Today, it is a dilapidated suburb ten minutes from Tel Aviv, and a home for both the Palestinian drug barons and fanatical Israeli settlers. Narrated with the fervour of a thriller, and two protagonists who could not have been written any better had they been made up. Town on a Wire’ is an immersive film from an Israeli town in total dissolution, where the future is in the hands of a single man. ‘Town on A Wire’ will be screening 17:00 in Vester Vov Vov. Buy tickets here.

‘This Changes Everything’
The climate crisis is not just the greatest and most urgent challenge of our times. It is also the greatest opportunity we have ever had to change the world. The idea behind Naomi Klein’s new, international bestseller is not only really good, it is also the first of many. And her ideas are supported by research on a world tour along the front lines of climate change, from western Canada via southern India to eastern China.
‘This Changes Everything’  will be screening 21:15 in Vester Vov Vov. Buy tickets here.   
… and 17:00 in Empire. Buy tickets here.

‘The Yes Men Are Revolting’
For over 20 years, the satirical activist duo The Yes Men has turned the mainstream media and multinational corporate powers upside down with simple, but always razor-sharp and provocative means, by infiltrating the closed world of the political and financial elite. But after twenty years in action, the two masterminds are now going through their own crisis. Has their work had any impact at all? And how do you reconcile a family life and a future with an anarchistic career as a performance activist? ‘The Yes Men Are Revolting’ will be screening 17:30 in Empire. Buy tickets here.

‘The Swedish Theory of Love’
For many people around the world, the Nordic social model is an ideal organization of society. A peak in the history of civilization, and a shimmering example for others to follow. Or is it? What kind of society have we actually created for ourselves? The Swedish iconoclast Erik Gandini takes a loving and critical look at our little corner of the world from the other end of the telescope. ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’ will be screening 20:00 in Empire. Buy tickets here.

‘A Sinner in Mecca’
Newly married and equipped with an iPhone, two small cameras and an enormous courage to travel, the openly homosexual director Parvez Sharma journeys to Saudi Arabia where homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. The result is a deeply personal pilgrimage, portrayed raw and unfiltered from Mecca’s streets and from the holy Kaaba, which two million faithful move around every year, and which is off limits to non-Muslims. ‘A Sinner in Mecca’ will be screening 21:15 in Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘Banksy Does New York’
The world’s indisputably most famous and infamous graffiti artist, Banksy, turns New York upside down when he invites graffiti enthusiasts, art connoisseurs and followers on a one month-long treasure hunt in the city’s streets. Every day, Banksy, who against all odds has managed to keep his true identity hidden from the public, sends thousands of New Yorkers on a frantic hunt against time – with a cryptic clue about the location of today’s work – before the work disappears again.
‘Banksy Does New York’ will be screening 19:30 in Cinemateket. Buy tickets here.

‘A Good American’
Friedrich Moser’s eye-opening ‘A Good American’ soberly unfolds the deeply disturbing story of how corruption, lies and personal ambitions led to the closure of a cheap and effective monitoring system that demonstrably could have stopped the 9/11 terrorist attacks. ‘A Good American’ is a chilling docu-thriller of the most dizzying kind. and may well prove to be one of the year’s most important films. ‘A Good American’ will be screening 22:30 in Empire. Buy tickets here.