CPH:DOX, the Danish Film Institute and Sonntag Pictures present a free simultaneous screening of the Danish film about children seeking asylum in the country.

On the occasion of the UN International Children’s Day and as a round-up to CPH:DOX the festival presents on November 19 at 19:00 Andreas Koefoed’s new and touching documentary ‘At Home in the World’ simultaneously screened in Danish public libraries, schools and asylum enters – all over the country! The event is a free offer to Danes all over the country in an attempt to humanise the very difficult refugee debate, and the film is followed by a debate and reflection at all the screenings.

A gripping film through children’s eyes

‘At Home in the World’ by Andreas Koefoed tells the story of being a refugee child – seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Magomed. Magomed is a pensive boy from Chechnya who has just arrived to Denmark seeking asylum. His father was both threatened and tortured by Russians and hopes to stay in Denmark, where Magomed has made new friends and started Danish lessons.

Andreas Koefoed has a special talent for putting himself in children’s shoes and seeing the adult world of injustices and disappointments through their eyes. ‘At Home in the World’ is a poignant but never sentimental film from an invisible corner of a Danish reality,

The difficult debate

The debate on the flow of refugees and asylum rules has long been on the agenda in Denmark, but the tragically large number of refugees in the world has brought urgency to the debate. This debate is often accused of being both alienating and hollow because the questions are so difficult and the problem is so big. With a simultaneous screening across the country (which so far will take place in over 20 different locations), CPH:DOX wants to engage a wide audience – while getting them to think about what it means to have and not to have a home.


See the list below to check where the film will have a simultaneous screening near you (see map). Contact the individual site for more information on each screening.





Asylum centres and cultural centres for asylum seekers

  • Børnecenter Ærø – Vråvej 16, 5970 Ærøskøbing
  • Asylcenter GrenåRobstrupvej 48, 8500 Grenå
  • Asylcenter LyngbygårdLyngbyvej 105, 8570 Trustrup 
  • Center HanstholmHanstholm Hallerne, Fyrvej 104, 7730 Hanstholm
  • Center Skippergaarden, Jernbanegade 6, 4970 Rødby


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