On REALITY:CHECK’s first day you can among other things meet Rune Lykkeberg, Emma Holten, Christoffer Emil Bruun and DJ Noize, and get drinks. Everything is for free!

REALITY:CHECK is a democracy laboratory where we take the pulse on today’s democracy with an exciting programme consisting of talks, debates, film screenings and parties in TELTET in Kongens Have. Follow us also tomorrow and the following day when we guide you to the new democracy meeting.

The hour of revenge: the political interview 2.0
Usually, it’s the country’s politicians who pass our laws – but it is the media’s image of them that to a great extent determines how they are received by the population. When we open our doors to REALITY:CHECK, we – in a truly democratic way – turn the political interview upside down and give politicians the opportunity to stage an attack, while the newspaper Politiken’s cultural editor, Rune Lykkeberg, has to defend his stance. The event starts 17:00. 

Varieté: Friends of the Unhuman
Come to a free event with hosts Emma Holten and Christoffer Emil Bruun. In remembrance of Franz Kafka and his use of insect metaphors, an experiment is made to give the animals a voice so as to hear the sound of modern society’s tragedy through them. Music: Snöleoparden. The event starts 18:00. 

SCENARIO Drinks & Talks: Blind Spots
Welcome to an evening with drinks, dialogue and short talks about the future, curated and presented by the team behind the international print magazine SCENARIO. The evening is about blind spots: current trends that are changing the world – while we are talking about other things. The evening alternates between talks and conversation, music and free drinks. The event is from 19:00-22:00, before DJ Noize takes over. 

Political DJ set feat. DJ Noize
DJ Noize – one of the Danish hip hop’s DJs who has earned most recognition abroad – has thrown himself over the treasure trove of Danish protest songs. Look forward to two hours of both tense and nostalgic mix of everything from Skousen & Ingemann via John Mogensen to Natasja from one of Denmark’s best DJs. Jameson Whiskey and Havana Club will – again! – provide you with free drinks.