Photo: Anders Rye Skjoldjensen

‘Easy’, the Fuckumentary by Theo Schandorff, was awarded for Best Documentary on Saturday. 

In 2015, the filmmaker Theo Bat Schandorff became one of the three winners of Everyday P!tch 2015. His project ‘Easy’ received financial support of 5,000 DKK and coaching from the Everyday editors. 

In 2016 ‘Easy’, named the world’s first ‘fuckumentary’, has finally been unveiled as it premiered at an Everyday event at Borups Højskole. Last Saturday, the film won the award of best documentary for the Ekko Shortlist Awards in Bremen. 

A jury consisting of actors David Dencik, Tuva Notny and director Rasmus Heisterberg had nominated films in eleven different categories for the audience to vote for on Ekko’s website in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. 

Theo Bat Schandorff’s ‘Easy’ conquered the audience as best documentary – and CPH:DOX is sending their congratulations. 

You can watch the film in full length on Everyday’s website.

Everyday P!tch is back during CPH:DOX 2017 – watch out for updates on Everyday’s Facebook page if you have a film that need support.