Today, two investigative films were added to the programme: the world premiere of a Norwegian exposé about the dark side of the pharmaceutical industry and the European premiere of a radical French documentary-thriller about the porn industry.

So far the festival has revealed a variety of concerts and events, the headliners at CPH:CONFERENCE, the journalistic thriller ‘All Governments Lie’ and a large theme programme, consisting of films and debates that examine the rapidly growing populist movements in Europe, under the name POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Today CPH:DOX adds two more films to the programme: the European premiere of the French ‘Pornocracy’ by Ovidie, as well as the world premiere of the Norwegian ‘Cause of Death: Unknown’. Both films can be seen multiple times during the festival between March 16-26.

Shocking exposé of the pharmaceutical industry

When her sister suddenly dies of a heart attack as a result of a life on antipsychotic medication, the director Anniken Hoel embarks on an investigative detective journey that brings her to the dark parts of the pharmaceutical industry, where manipulation of researchers, scientists and politicians is commonplace and where money outweighs the value of human life. Hoel travels the world to obtain testimony from experts, patients and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, as she sets out on this complex research with an impressive determination.

But behind her systematic stubbornness lies smouldering anger for her sister and thousands of others tragic fates. ‘Cause of Death: Unknown’ is a shocking but also deeply moving and immersive journalistic narrative that aims to fight greed and cynicism. Experience the world premiere at CPH:DOX on March 20. Tickets are available here.

Uncovering the terrifying darkness of the porn industry

Porn is the world’s most popular documentary genre. 100 trillion videos are seen annually worldwide. And almost all of them are seen online. ‘Pornocracy’ uncovers a huge industry with a scary side. For what happens when almost all sites are owned and controlled by the same handful of supporters? With almost no rights and desperate to work for a grotesque pay check, both women and men are forced into ever more extreme sitatuons to make customers happy. Who can be held responsible? And what does it take to change this inhuman turn the billion-dollar industry has taken, and which is unlikely to disappear any time soon?

‘Pornocracy’ is directed by French feminist former pornstar Ovidie, now an activist fighting for the rights of sex workers and for a more enlightened, sex-positive porn culture. A mandatory film for anyone who does not think they hold any responsibility for what they watch on the web anonymously. Meet Ovidie at the European premiere of the film.

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