In 2014, CPH:DOX added an impressive amount of 17 extra screenings to the original programme. This year, the films at the festival have been so popular that the number of extra screenings is nearly doubled with 32 in total!

CPH:DOX 2015 is coming to an end – but it is not over yet. In addition to three more days with documentaries, parties and events, you can from Sunday see (or see again) some of the most popular films from this year’s festival. Due to huge demand, CPH:DOX has chosen to satisfy its documentary-hungry audience with no less than 32 extra screenings.

Festival director Tine Fischer says:

“The interest from our audience has been truly exceptional this year, and we can really feel that the Danes not only care about the films, but also actually take ownership of them. It is seen most clearly in the way in which the audience reacts to the films: they are committed, involved, patient and above all curious. Never has our audience received so much praise from both international and Danish directors – it is without doubt the world’s best documentary audience! We are so thrilled, that this year we have added a whole 32 additional screenings to meet the high demand.”

Climate film, docu-thriller and a sociological experiment
‘This Changes Everything’ by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis has been the most popular film at the festival. In addition to being shown in over 30 venues across the country on Saturday 14 and getting Danish distribution from Sunday 15, CPH:DOX has decided to add seven extra screenings of Klein’s groundbreaking climate film.

You can also see five films from this year’s DOX:AWARD: The thrilling docu-thriller ‘The Fear of 13’, Pietro Marcello’s aesthetically pleasing ‘Lost and Beautiful’, the revealing ‘A Good American’, the entertaining and atmospheric ‘Uncertain’, and Erik Gandini’s sociological experiment ‘A Swedish Theory of Love’. All of the films have received praise from the press.

The programme can also offer the controversial ‘Muhammad, The Messenger of God’, the audience hit ‘The Wolfpack’, the satire film ‘The Yes Men Are Revolting’ and the revolutionary ‘In Utero’. Or how about the documentary’s answer to ‘The Wire’ – ‘Town on a Wire’, the intriguing ‘Among the Believers’, the poetic and critically acclaimed ‘Brothers’ filmed over eight years, or ‘B-movie’ about Berlin in the 80s?

Adding to this, remember that CPH:DOX offers free streaming of four films from this year’s festival! The films will be revealed 14:00 on Sunday.

Additional screenings at CPH:DOX 2015

This Changes Everything, Grand, 17.00
This Changes Everything, Teltet, 12.00
This Changes Everything, Empire, 17:30

In Pursuit of Silence, Cinemateket, 17.30
In Utero, Cinemateket, 16.45
Ah! Humanity, Cinemateket, 19.30
The Fear of 13, Cinemateket, 18.45
Lost and Beautiful, Cinemateket, 21.30
Muhammad, The Messenger of God, Cinemateket, 20.45
A Good American, Grand, 21.30
Deprogrammed, Grand, 21.30
The Wolfpack, Palads, 21.15
The Corporation, VVV, 17.00
This Changes Everything, VVV, 21.15
The Visit, Gloria, 17.00
Among the Believers, Empire, 17.30
Cartel Land, Empire, 20.00
Banksy Does New York, Empire, 22.30
This Changes Everything, Grand, 17.00
This Changes Everything, Empire, 17.00
AND FREE STREAM OF 4 FILM ON CPHDOX.DK – info on Sunday. 14.00

Uncertain, Grand, 21.30
Town on A Wire, VVV, 17.00
This Changes Everything, VVV, 21.15
The Yes Men Are Revolting, Empire, 17.30
The Swedish Theory of Love, Empire, 20.00
This Changes Everything, Empire, 17.00
A Sinner in Mecca, Cinemateket, 21.15
Banksy Does New York, Cinemateket, 19.30
A Good American, Empire, 22.30
AND FREE STREAM OF 4 FILM ON CPHDOX.DK – info on Sunday. 14.00

Brothers, Grand, 16.40
B-Movie, Grand, 21.30

You can still use your accreditation and free tickets for the extra screenings, except from the extra screenings of ‘This Changes Everything’.