Come and meet the ideas of today in conversation between March 23 and March 26 at CPH:MEETINGS. The EU, Syrian war and the politics of art get the focus in a series of sharp debates featuring Bernard-Henri Lévy, Suzanne Brøgger, Matt Johnson and Rune Lykkeberg.

The heart of documentary cinema lies in its hope to transform the reality it captures, a reality that today faces an unstable Europe, populist politics in the USA, and a raging war in Syria. As an art it has a unique voice to those of politicians and theoreticians that is important today; as our very own Tine Fischer stated in Berlingske,“we need to hear artists talk about what it is to be a human today, and we need more creative and wild hearts to think out new solutions”. CPH:MEETINGS will give the voice to the artists on these issues in a series of debates from March 23 to March 26, featuring a spectrum of acclaimed International and Danish public figures and artists.

French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy meets Danish news presenter Adam Holm to discuss the role of Art in an age of global crisis, following the premiere of his film ‘Peshmerga’ at 18:00 March 23. Matt Johnson of the band The The talks to Knud Romer about everything from artistic anxiety and integrity to Brexit following the new film ‘Inertia Variations’ shown at 19:00 March 25. Brexit gets discussed by director Timothy George Kelly and conservative debater Søren Hviid Pedersen, following the premiere of the first film on Britain’s departure ‘Brexitannia’ at 12.00 March 25.

Arrangements are just 50 kroner for the debate and 85 kroner for the debate + film.

CPH:MEETINGS is made by Copenhagen Film Fund and CPH:DOX with support from Københavns Kommune. Ticket links and further descriptions of each arrangement can be found here.