Get a taste of documentary films! That’s what happens when CPH:DOX presents food-docs with tastings, debates and directors visits.

During this year’s CPH:DOX you can join in to all five events with appetizers and thoughtful films, that reminds you of where food comes from. With both tastings and debates.

You can dive into an evening of (fake) vintage wines with a wine film followed by a wine tasting, experience the wild plant kingdom with tastings from Krogerup, learn about slavery in the chocolate industry (and taste slave-free chocolate), come for an afternoon of oysters and beer and discuss whether GMO really is as bad as it sounds.

An evening of wine and deception
There are collectors who are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on vintage wines. So when the young Rudy Kurniawan suddenly appears on the American wine scene and starts showing off with rare grapes and expensive bottles, it first causes a stir, then admiration – and finally suspicion. For where do all those rare bottles actually come from? Led by the billionaire wine collector Bill Koch, a wide-reaching investigation is conducted into the wine world’s answer to the Pink Panther. An investigation, which among other things involves former FBI agents, French wine merchants and self-proclaimed connoisseurs with red noses. Even when the scam is exposed, there is plenty of sour grapes among the wine collectors, who refuse to believe that their expensive red drops should be fake. The film not only depicts a world-class fraud, but also a world that lives for its passions. A tragicomic story of seduction and vanity in an eccentric world of wine, where illusion is the first and greatest of all pleasures.
‘Sour grapes’ & Wine. March 18 at 19h at Magnus & Søns Vinbutik at Stengade.
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Wild plants and tastings from Krogerup!
Come for Nicolas Humbert “Wild Plants” screening followed by debate and tastings.
Urban gardening is just the latest addition to a series of signs that nature and culture are not as separated as they made you believe in school – and that there is a healthy desire to overcome a world view where man is the centre of the universe. From urban gardens in Detroit to an Indian philosopher in South Dakot, and to guerilla gardening in Zurich’s clean suburbs. ‘Wild Plants’ looks at the relationship between plants and people, and just like some people are good at listening, Humpert’s film is attentive and nuanced in its examination of the philosophical potential of floral biology.
Wild Plants x Aarstiderne & BRUS. March 19 at 12.30 at Empire & BRUS.
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The chocolate industry under the microscope & chocolate tastings
Chocolate is something you must have. But if you knew that every time you buy a chocolate bar you help finance child slavery in Africa, the sweet taste would soon turn bitter. And this is precisely what the three Dutch journalists and old friends Maurice, Teun and Roland find out as they dig deeper and deeper into the covert farmlands of the cocoa industry. A revealing and dramatic detective story with three idealistic – and cheerful – gentlemen in the lead role. And a story that takes a new twist when the three friends, after many shocking discoveries and disappointments, decide to take matters into their own hands and quite simply start their own chocolate company! Tony’s Chocolony is 100% slavery-free and is now one of Holland’s leading chocolate brands. ‘The Chocolate Case’ is just as rich in surprises as a Kinder egg, but will make even the most committed chocolate enthusiast think twice each time a craving for chocolate arises.
After the screening on March 25 at Cinemateket, you can experience the director Benthe Forrer in a Q&A, and get a taste of Tony’s Chocolonely – the chocolate bar, which the filmmakers have created.
The Chocolate Case. March 25 at 12.30 at Cinemateket.
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Oysters & beer!
For over 2000 years, female divers on the Japanese peninsula of Ise have lived off – and with – the sea in a symbiosis which ‘Ama-San’ brings to life in beautiful and sensitive images. Every day is introduced with a modest prayer, but in the evening the ageing women enjoy the fruits of their hard, physical labour as they gather in cheerful company to prepare the fresh fish and eat at long tables, where there is lots of merry conversation, singing and laughter –  and the fact that the resolute women are well into their 60s doesn’t seem to bother them one bit. The sight of fireflies at night, the azure waters and the wonderful world beneath the surface evoke an almost magical universe of life in the Portuguese filmmaker Cláudia Varejao’s immensely beautiful film, which is sure to make some stomachs rumble in the cinema. But which also recognises both the women’s stoically hard work and the subtle variations in their centuries-old work cycle.
The film will be shown on March 18 at Empire Bio together with BRUS and Spotan, afterwards you can have two oysters and a great beer for 110 DKK.
Ama-San x BRUS x Spontan. March 18. at 15.00 at Empire Bio.
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PRO-GMO? Film & debate
Since it has become possible to genetically modify crops, the invention has been the subject of fierce debate worldwide. Are we gambling with nature by intervening with the natural order? Or is it a solution that can end famine worldwide? ‘Food Evolution’ is quite unconventional in that it gives a voice to the pro-GMO camp, but even the people who say ‘no thanks to GMO’ get to say their bit in a true debate-creator of a film, which above all emphasises how much we don’t know. And how much we can learn from science, if we listen to what the scientists are actually saying. This is exactly what the Oscar-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy does, and he adds new nuances to a deeply polarising discussion of a taboo with global implications, with roots that reach far into our most fundamental notions (and fantasies) about nature and our own place in the world. Agree or disagree? Either way, you will become wiser by listening in, and by taking part in the subsequent debate.
Food Evolution & debate. March 21 at 18.30 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.
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