Discover Avey Tare and Abby Portner in a unique audio-visual performance at Kunsthal Charlottenborg on March 16.

The 2017 edition of CPH:DOX and its concert series AUDIO:VISUALS will begin with a unique audio-visual performance by siblings Dave Portner (Avey Tare) and Abby Portner.

Avey Tare is a singer and songwriter in Animal Collective, while artist Abby Portner is affiliated with the group as a visual artist. When they perform at CPH:DOX on March 16 it will be in those respective roles. Together they will transform the new festival centre Kunsthal Charlottenborg into a melting pot of psych-electronic music and spacey visuals.

About the concert Abby says:  “Excited to collaborate with my brother to create something new and fun for my favorite festival in my favorite city!”

AC x CPH:DOX = A true love story

It is the fourth time that CPH:DOX and Animal Collective will work together. In 2010, the band curated a film programme for CPH:DOX, made an installation at the National Art Gallery with live show from guitarist Deakin and a DJ set from Avey Tare. Two years later they were back at CPH:DOX and the National Museum with a full audio-visual concert by virtue of their ‘Centipede Hz’ album. In 2014 Abby Portner debuted her collaboration with Danish band Reptile Youth during a piano concert at the National Museum.

About Dave & Abby Portner

Apart from the ten Animal Collective albums since 2003, Dave Portner released 2 out of 3 records under his Animal Collective alias Avey Tare: 2007’s ‘Pull Hair Ribeye’ with Kria Bekken  (Múm), 2010’s ‘Down There’ and 2014’s ‘Enter the Slasher House’ with his Slasher Flicks band. He has also released three albums with Eric Copeland of Black Dice called Terrestrial Tones. And who know what 2017 will bring…?

Abby Portner is a veteran visual artist and responsible for Animal Collective’s artistic expression beyond the music. Throughout the band’s career, she has made visuals, scenography, album covers, music videos, and the list goes on. Recently, she made the scenography for John Cale (Velvet Underground), visuals for Reptile Youth and many more. She is also a musician herself and has a record under her belt as Draw Sterling.


Avey Tare vs. Abby Portner

March 16, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

20:00 (Doors open 19:00)


Price: 185, –