A black comedy about af Finnish nuclear plant is one of today’s world premiers. Read bout them in the overview of today.

Return of the Atom
Nuclear power – yes please? The first western power station since Chernobyl was a black, human comedy according to the Finnish artist Mika Taanila.

In 2004, the Finns broke the ground to construct the first nuclear plant in the West since the Chernobyl disaster. A monumental Babylonian construction, which is celebrated with toasts and fanfare as a visionary take on where the sustainable energy of the future should come from, and as a technological triumph in line with the Eiffel Tower. But both the five-year plan and the budget quickly start to spiral completely out of control. A human comedy, as Finland’s possibly most important contemporary artist Mika Taanila together with Jussi Eerola has documented from the outset with analytic lucidity – and with a sense of humour as black as Finnish liquorice. ‘Return of the Atom’ is an epic and ominous story about a belief in the future and about the European nuclear renaissance, whose perspectives reach far, far into the future.

The film has it’s world premier today at 18.30 in Cinemateket including a debate.

Filmen har verdenspremiere i dag klokken 18.30 i Cinemateket med tilhørende debat.

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My Friend Rockefeller
A tragic comic and unsettling phantom portrait of a charming con artist with a thousand agents, an ice cold intellect- and perhaps a double homicide on his conscience.

Who is Christian Gerhartsreiter? That depends on whom you ask. Most people will recognise the charming man by the name of Clark Rockefeller, a charismatic and cultivated gentleman from a renowned family. And here begins what the FBI has called the longest-lasting hoax in its entire history. An incredible and tragicomic story about a sharp impostor from a German village, who conned his way to the top of New York’s banking elite and who for 13 years was married to a woman who had no idea who he really was. ‘My Friend Rockefeller’ is an portrait of a man with a thousand faces, but with an ice-cold and calculating intellect. A story full of unexpected twists, told in a collage of interviews with all those who (thought they) knew him.

Meet the director at the screening tonight at 19.45 in Empire.

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