During CPH:DOX 2020, audiences can experience the world premiere of the interactive dinner-performance ‘Martyr’, combining dining, virtual reality and performance in one installation. The installation is directed by Johan Knattrup Jensen and produced by Makropol.

What happens in the intersection between food, virtual reality and performance? That’s the question ‘Martyr’ sets out to find. In an hour long performance, ‘Martyr’ explores eating as a political battleground, a reflection on animal welfare, how technology impacts social gatherings, as well as the religious room where rituals are unavoidable.

It is written and directed by Johan Knattrup Jensen and produced by Makropol. The menu is created by Frederik Bille Brahe. The duration of the event is approx. one hour and includes a non-disclosed tasting menu with drinks. 

About the performance

Donald made a choice. Right then and there, in the sandbox, he made a choice that changed his life forever. Donald chose to attack! 30 years later Donald and his choice are once again on the menu. ‘Martyr’ is a performance dinner, in which you will eat, drink, and play. 


‘Martyr’ will run from March 18-28, 3 times a day at Apollo Bar, Kunsthal Charlottenborg. There is a limited capacity of 10 seats for each performance.

Time schedule for the performance:
17:00 / 19:00 / 21:00

Tickets: 595 DKK, can be purchased here.