Denmark is widely represented at this year’s festival, with films about everything from EU mysteries through questions about consciousness and to an opera about The Opera! 

This year, three films have been nominated in the main competition for DOX:AWARD. Jeppe Rønde is back with a new Kafkaesque EU-drama with Mikael Bertelsen and Mads Brügger, Phie Ambo challenges our perception of consciousness and ‘Last Men in Aleppo’ by Feras Fayyad and co-directed by the debuting Danish director Steen Johanessen will open the festival.

Those are only some of the highlights of the Danish films on this year’s programme! See the full overview below.

‘I fars hænder’ (In My Father’s Hands), Sven Vinge (Denmark)

In his attempt to find an explanation for his alcoholic father’s death, Sven steps into his shoes  and in front of the camera. A courageous film about a reunion with the past. Tickets here.

‘Se nu stiger solen’ (The Sun Also Rises), Thomas Altheimer (Denmark, Mexico, England)

The literary researcher Mette Høeg’s showdown with feminist (self) censorship in a provocative journey from the University of Copenhagen to a strip club in Mexico. Tickets here.

‘Death of a Child’, Frida Matilda Barkfors, Lasse Barkfors (Denmark, Sweden)

How do you learn to live with the unbearable? And will you ever be the same again in the eyes of the rest of the world? Tickets here.

‘Dream Empire’, David Borenstein, (Denmark)

Dreams and illusions are broken in a 24-year-old woman’s adventures in the surreal, Chinese property market. Modern China seen with an edge of black humour. Tickets here.

‘The Allins’, Sami Saif, (Denmark)

20 years after the nihilistic punk provocateur G.G. Allin’s death, his mother and brother keep his memory alive in a film that finds the man behind the myth. Tickets here.

‘Miss Rosewood’, Helle Vestergaard Jensen, (Denmark)

Meet Miss Rosewood! A scandal on high heels and self-proclaimed transgender terrorist in New York’s hardcore performance scene. Tickets here.

‘Rigtig voksen’ (Life as a Grown Up), Anders Gustafsson (Denmark)

Two vicious cycle-defying 23-year-olds and their struggle to be recognised as good parents, in a film about social heritage and adult dreams. Tickets here.

‘Præsidenten fra Nordvest’ (The President from the North), Lars Feldballe-Petersen (Denmark)

67-year-old Ahmed Dualeh jump out as president and create a new and democratic Somalia after spending 47 years in Denmark. When he packs his bags in Denmark and heads towards the country, he more than anything else dreams of being able to rebuild based on the values he has learned to appreciate in Denmark. Tickets here.

‘Illegal i Danmark’, Lasse Ravnø, Kim Maintz, Kaare Gorfredsen (Denmark)

18,000 illegal immigrants live in Denmark right now. Who are they, and how have they come to the country? TV2 has been undercover in a Danish parallel world. Tickets here.

‘Misbrug’ (Addicted), Magnus Bardeleben (Denmark)

This is a love story. Love between two people, love to alcohol addiction and the question whether love is enough to say goodbye to one of those. Tickets here.

‘Land of the Free’, Camilla Magid (Denmark, Finland)

Camilla Magid’s film from the exposed neighbourhood South Central Los Angeles is a sensitive and worldly-wise depiction of a harsh social reality. Tickets here.

‘Lida’, Anne Eborn (Denmark, Sweden)

A charming portrait of an 81-year-old Swedish woman’s life – and love affair! – in the middle of Ukrainian nowhere, where time has come to a standstill. Tickets here.

‘Min mor er pink’ (My Mother is Pink), Cecilie Debell (Denmark)

The mother likes pink, the son has painted himself blue, and the pink camper van is ready for the road trip. A highly unusual family story of the really surprising kind. Tickets here.

‘Mor jeg er bange’ (Mom, I’m Afraid), Anders Riis-Hansen, Mette Andkjær Hansen (Denmark)

A close look at child psychology in a film about three young girls who suffer from anxiety. And about what can be done to help them on in life. Tickets here.

‘…når du kigger væk’ (…when you look away), Phie Ambo (Denmark)

Where are the limits of consciousness  and are we connected in ways we never knew? Phie Ambo asks these big questions in a filmic experiment with surprising answers. Tickets here.

‘På kanten af frihed’ (On the Edge of Freedom), Anita Mathal Hopland, Jens Lengerke (Denmark)

Adrenaline rushes and selfies from a crane 400 meters above the ground. Join a group of rebellious Russian youths performing dizzying feats on the top of Moscow. Tickets here.

‘Rehearsal Night’, Maja Friis Kristensen (Denmark)

The pianist Niels Lan Doky is a few days away from opening the jazz bar The Standard, but there is still a long way to go. A documentary jazz comedy. Tickets here.

‘Return of a President’, Lotte Mik-Meyer (Denmark)

There are more than ideals at stake for Madagascar’s exiled president and his return to democracy after the coup in 2009. Tickets here.

‘Spectator Records – Up in Smoke’, Peter Eg Schwarz-Nielsen, Jesper Bro, Christopher Jon Andersen & Markus Eg Schwarz-Nielsen (Denmark)

Calling all psych aficionados! The story of the collective in Aalborg, which became a cult record label. Tickets here.

Stay Behind – Min farfars hemmelige krig’ (Stay Behind – My Grandfather’s Secret War), Ida Grøn (Denmark)

Was the director’s grandfather part of a secret CIA network during the Cold War? A family tale of loyalty, double lives and reconciliation. Tickets here.

‘The John Dali Mystery’, Jeppe Røhde (Denmark, Norway)

Brügger and Bertelsen uncover the plans for the murder of a former EU commissioner in a thrilling and funny detective film, where one twist follows another. Tickets here.

‘Mærsk Operaen’ (The Mærsk Opera), SUPERFLEX (Denmark)

An opera film in three acts by SUPERFLEX – for the people, about the people. A peculiar drama about the intrigues behind one of the most controversial buildings in Denmark. Based on true events. Tickets here.

‘The Unforgiven’, Lars Feldballe-Petersen (Finland, Denmark)

Can evil be forgiven? And should it? A war criminal is confronted with his victims  and with himself as an 18-year-old during the civil war in the Balkans. Tickets here.

‘De dømtes børn’ (Waiting for the Sun), Kaspar Astrup Schröder (Denmark)

Two years in a Chinese orphanage for children of criminals. Three siblings must find a new life in the shadow of a crime they did not commit. Tickets here.

‘De sidste mænd i Aleppo’ (Last Men in Aleppo), Feras Fayyad, co-directed by Steen Johannessen (Denmark, Syria, Germany)

An unforgettable portrait of three reluctant heroes and their work to save Aleppo’s civilians trapped in the heart of the war zone. This year’s opening film at CPH:DOX. Tickets here.

‘A Modern Man’, Eva Mulvad (Denmark)

Young, beautiful, rich – and first violinist. But is there also a human being behind the perfectionist? Success has a price in Eva Mulvad’s film about the violinist Charlie Siem. Tickets here.

‘Al magt til folket?’ (Tutti a Casa – Power to the People?), Lise Brik Pedersen (Danmark, Norge, Finland)

A Danish film about the successful Italian protest party ‘Five Star Movement’ and its charismatic leader, Beppe Grillo. Tickets here.