Ticket sales for CPH:DOX start onMarch 1 2019. Tickets can be purchased at various cinemas or here on the website. If you have any issues ordering tickets for the festival from abroad, please contact ticket@cphdox.dk

Ticket types

Tickets for a single cinema screening or event cost 90 DKK, unless otherwise specified. Tickets can be purchased or reserved online, by phone, or at the cinema box offices. See ticket info in connection with each event. Note: the tickets for Bremen Teater cannot be reserved, you can purchase the tickets online or at the venue.
Buy our Discount Card, and get access to 6 films for 450 DKK. You can use the tickets yourself or you can share them with you friends! The Discount Card is available for purchase in the cinemas.
A festival accreditation (applicable for students and industry professionals) will allow you to get the full benefit of CPH:DOX at a reasonable price.

Read more about purchasing a festival accreditation, about who can apply, and about what the different accreditation types give access to.

You can pick up your Student Pass at our Festival Center, located at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, between March 20-31. Please bring a piece of personal identification.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

If you are a student or a senior, there is money to be saved at CPH:DOX! We offer a student and senior citizen discount on all ordinary screenings before 17.00. You can see all daytime screenings for 65 DKK (normal price: 90 DKK) as long as you are able to show a valid student or senior citizen ID.

* The offer only applies to regular film screenings.

Are you a teacher, and are you interested in giving your students an interesting teaching experience? Bring your students along to a film, debate or seminar at CPH:DOX. We offer a discount to all high school teachers and their students.

For more information please contact ungdox@cphdox.dk

Are you short of an exciting event for your next staff day, does your cinema club need a pinch of reality, or are your employees in need of both enlightenment and entertainment? CPH:DOX can deliver everything from regular festival screenings with discounts to tailored events.

Please contact us for more information: mathias@cphdox.dk

Ticket sale 

Tickets for CPH:DOX can be purchased in the cinemas or online.

Tickets for selected events can be bought at our Festival Center in Kunsthal Charlottenborg and at Bremen Teater from the 20th of March. You can already buy discount tickets in all regular cinemas. The ticket desk st Kunsthal Charlottenborg will be open every day between 10:00-20:00 from March 20-31..

Discount Cards can be bought at our Festival Center, Bremen Teater and at the cinemas, as well as online

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Nyhavn 2
1051 København K
(+45) 3374 4639