Are you a journalist and wish to cover CPH:DOX 2020? Apply for an accreditation and get free access to all ordinary festival screenings.

It is now possible to apply for Press Accreditations for CPH:DOX 2020. Please note that number of accreditations available are limited.

Your application must disclose which media you represent and how you intend to cover the festival.

Registration deadline: March 1, 2020.
Price: Free of charge

The Press Accreditation is restricted to critics and journalists.

The festival’s press department can help you book and collect tickets, if you book well in advance (though we can order a maximum of 10 tickets for you).

The Press Accreditation gives you access to and includes:

  • All regular film screenings
  • All regular seminars
  • All regular events and parties
  • CPH:MARKET (video library and online preview for 30 days)
  • Festival tote bag and international festival catalogue
  • Detailed guest list
  • Guest desk services

To apply for a Press Accreditation, please create or log into your CPH:DOX profile here and fill in the application form in the Accreditation module.

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Further questions?
Do you have any questions regarding press accreditations or your coverage of the festival? Please contact us at:

+45 3345 4730