An internship at CPH:DOX is the starting point for your professional career – and an experience for life!

Do you often find yourself wanting to look away from your study books and focus on the real (real!) world instead? Do you choice practice over theory? And would you like to make one of the world’s biggest (yes – in 2017 we had more than 97,500 attendees!) documentary film festivals happen? Then you might be our next intern – and new member of the DOX-family!

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Responsibility and work possibilities
This means that as an intern at CPH:DOX you will get as close to the film festival world as possible. We promise you will get a lot of responsibility, many exciting challenges and you will become a part of a very creative and dynamic festival community – with grand ideas, social events and a lot of new colleagues (ranging from like-minded interns, young graduates to experienced festival veterans).

The internship involves a lot of hard work, fun experiences and parties that all culminate in an 11-day festival with more than 600 events in Copenhagen and throughout the country.

An internship at CPH:DOX is also a great starting point for your further professional career. In addition to the important experience you will be able to add to your resume, CPH:DOX will give you access to a powerful network within the Danish media and culture as well as insight into the international festival world. You’ll probably also have to make coffee – but only for yourself – because at CPH:DOX we’re all about helping each other, and no one is too fancy to clean up after themselves in the kitchen.

Internship periods and working hours
The next edition of CPH:DOX will take place from the 15th to 25th March 2018 and therefore it is possible to get ECTS points for the internship as part of the spring semester if you are a current student. Most internships begin in January and run full time until mid April (which leaves plenty of time for the internship report afterwards), although some start part time already in November and December (we can, however, adapt the starting date to your needs).

We are primarily looking for full-time internships (about 30 hours/week), but the number of hours will of course be scheduled to fit your studies and/or job. There are also possibilities for part-time internships. All internships are unpaid.


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Virtual Reality: Become part of the team working behind the VR-exhibition

GRAPHIC: Want to shape CPH:DOXs graphic identity?

VOLUNTEER: Do you want to help manage our 200+ volunteers backstage?

How to apply
Send a short motivational application incl. CV and contact details to the contact of the department(s) you are applying to. You are welcome to apply for several departments, but please do note this in your applications. If you have any questions, you are of course very welcome to contact us first. Since we receive more applications than we can accommodate, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. We assess the individual applications and do call-ins for more in-depth interviews.