The Austrian directing duo Florian Weigensamer and Christian Krönes’ film ‘Welcome to Sodom’ will World Premiere at CPH:DOX.

It is a dark and sensuous film about a landfill in Ghana, where electronic waste from the West is being dumped and recycled. An unforgettable cinematic experience, where the story is told by the workers themselves. The film is a timeless vision of the apocalypse followed by an extremely urgent reminding call for action to the times we live in right now.

What triggered your inspiration to make the documentary?

Florian – I was always fascinated by places, which are a world on its own. And the world’s largest e-waste dump definitely is such a place. But the inspiration to make the film – I think we made it because it was there! Some films just have to made. No matter what. And especially after meeting the people living on the dump as we were there for research – from there, there was no turning back.

How would you describe the work process when shooting the film?

Florian – Of course it is not easy to shoot a film on a huge dump. For technical reasons and also because as a white european film team you don’t fit in  – you are a strange body in this surprisingly well organized microcosmos. The most interesting moment was after a few weeks on the dump, as we realized that the people there accept us. The moment when they opened up and started to trust us. Then they started to tell their real stories. That was a really fantastic moment to feel accepted there. And I can say that from that point on a kind of friendship with many of them started to grow.

What are your thoughts and expectations about the main competition?

Florian – It is a great honor for the film and a great deal for us to be nominated for the DOX Award. To be one of only 12 selected films will definitely help our film to find the international audience that it deserves. By being nominated we expect a lot of interesting feedback on our film.


Tue. 20/03, 16:40, Grand Teatret, Tickets

Fri. 23/03, 19:30, Empire, Tickets

Sun. 25/03, 16:30, Cinemateket, Tickets