On Thursday you can assist to the World Premiere of ‘Jaha’s Promise’ about Jaha Dukureh who has dedicated her life to fighting against female genital mutilation.

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On the opening day of CPH:DOX this year, we will receive a very special visit from human rights activist Jaha Dukureh, who features on The Times’ list of the most influential people in the world, and Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess, who will both take part in the screening of the film.

It will happen next Thursday, March 16 at 16:30 at Grand Teater. The evening will start off with a red carpet and the film’s director Patrick Farelly and Kate O’Callaghan will also be present.

A visit from the Minister for Gender Equality

Before the screening of ‘Jaha’s Promise’, the festival director Tine Fischer will, together with the director Patrick Farrely and the film’s main protagonist Haha Dukureh, give an introduction before the screening. After the film, the Minster for Gender Equality Karen Ellen will give a talk about fighting FGM, followed by a Q&A on stage with Jaha Dukureh and the directors Patrick Farrely and Kate O’Callaghan.

‘Jaha’s Promise’ is a powerful story about an even stronger woman confronting a global taboo: circumcision and forced marriage. Like most other girls in Gambia, Haha was circumcised at a very young age. A marriage was arranged for her when she was eight, and at 15 years old she moved to New York to marry a 40-year-old man.

Like most other girls in Gambia, Jaha Dukureh was circumcised when she was very young. Her marriage was arranged when she was eight, and as a 15-year-old she got married to a 40-year-old man in New York. ‘Jaha’s Promise’ is a touching story about a young girl’s struggle to take control of her own body, and about having the courage to confront her father, the politicians and the community that surrounds her. An extremely important document in a world where over 200 million women live with the devastating consequences of female genital mutilation, which is still being practised in 30 countries. The story of Jaha is thus the story about the suffering of countless other women – and about one woman’s courage to confront a global taboo, which like few other topics divides people’s opinions. A strong film about an even stronger woman, and an experience that lingers on long after you have left the cinema.

The World Premiere will take place on March 16 at 16:30, the audience should be seated at 16:25. You can purchase tickets here.

The press can register until March 14 by contacting katriner@cphdox.dk (the number of seats are very limited)

The film will also be screened on March 18, 22 and 25. Read more here.