During CPH:DOX many international guests and filmmakers visit the festival. You can meet them at the festival screenings, including Olafur Eliasson, Jørgen Leth, Roger Cohen, Zhao Liang, Roberto Minervini, J. P. Cuenca and many more.

The world famous brothers from the movie ‘The Wolfpack’ are dropping by Bremen onNovember 10, climate activist Naomi Klein will be present at the sold-out screening of ‘This Changes Everything’ on November 14. However, the subsequent debate with Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis will be live-streamed at different places in Denmark. You can also meet the world-renowned photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand November 11 at Bremen Teater.

On November 10 you can experience the contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson, the directors behind ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Emmanuel and Daniel Leconte, and the Danish director Jørgen Leth at the premiere of his new film ‘Pelota II’. Or how about the people behind ’Citizen Khodorkovksy’ Eric Bergkraut and Karinna Moskalenko, the director of ’Among the Believers’ Hemal Trivedi, or author J.P. Cuenca, and the main person in – and the director of – ‘Town On Wire’

Some of this year’s guests
Friedrich Moser
William Binney
Aslaug Holm and her husband and her two sons.
Erik Gandini
J.P. Cuenca
David Sington
“Leo Gabin”
Lucien Castaing-Taylor
Eric Bergkraut and his wife and son.
K. Moskalenko
Uri Rosenwaks
Eyal Blachson
Ahron Attias
David Felix Sutcliffe
Hemal Trivedi
Emmanuel Leconte
Daniel Leconte
Naomi Klein
Avi Lewis
Jørgen Leth
Nick Read
Christopher Doyle
Johanna Schwartz
Patrick Shen
David Holbrooke
Roger Rohen (foreign correspondent, New York Times)
Parvez Sharma
Holly Gilliam
Laura Nix
Mike (Yes Men)
Andy (Yes Men)
Wolfpack producer and two of the Angulo brothers
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Roberto Minervini
Zhao Liang
Majid Majidi
Yael Melamede
Gabriel London
Zach Ingrasci
Chris Temple
Scott Carrier

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