To the delight of literature lovers and those who like to read for pleasure, CPH:DOX presents six films on both international and Danish authors. You can, among other things get better acquainted with Ejersbo, John Williams and Christian Kampmann. 

During this year’s CPH:DOX will project films about Ejersbo, John Williams, Christian Kampmann, João Paulo Cuenca, Pamuk and Becket on the big screen. Aside from the seven films, there is also an event at Grand Teater, where John William’s famous book ‘Stoner’ will be read. 

‘Ejersbo’ by Christian Holten Bonke

In 2008, five years after Ejersbo was awarded the Golden Laurel Award for his first book ‘Nordkraft’, he died. In the film ‘Ejersbo’, we follow the author’s two best friends who travel out to spread his ashes from Kilimanhari’s peak. Along the way, his friends, family and colleagues talk about the reckless and stubborn introvert otherwise fairly private life. Attention: the film is a special preview screening and will go into Danish distribution after the festival. 

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‘What he did’ by Jonas Poher Rasmussen 

In 1988, the psychologist and author Jens Michael Schau murdered his boyfriend, the author Christian Kampmann. A tragic event with a long prelude, and a terrible crime that became a public cause célèbre. Today, Jens is struggling with the social dilemma of being a convicted felon who has served his term, but is still weighed down by guilt and the judging looks of the world around him. 

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‘The Death of J.P. Cuenca’ by João Paulo Cuenca

In July 2008, the young Brazilian writer – and now also filmmaker – João Paulo Cuenca was told the news of his own death. A true story about doppelgangers and identity theft, as if taken out of a delirious piece of pulp literature, and a plot that Cuenca tries to solve while also embellishing the fiction of his labyrinthine meta-docu-noir of a debut film.

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‘Innocence of Memories’ by Grant GeeDen 

Nobel prize-winning writer Orhan Pamuk tells us about his life, his work and his new museum of innocence in his home town of Istanbul. Writing, memory and architecture flow together in this sensual nocturnal wandering through the streets of Istanbul, which becomes a vibrant archive of life lived.

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‘Not film’ by Ross Lipman

The Nobel Prize-winning author Samuel Beckett and the ageing comic genius Buster Keaton bumped into each other on a New York street in the summer of 1964 on the street in New York.  James Joyce, Sergei Eisenstein and other intellectual giants appear in the most unexpected places in the strange and pervasive – and surprisingly funny – story. A must for writers, Keaton fans and people with a dark sense of humor. 


The both scary, surreal and slapstick-comedic cult classic, which is simply called ‘Film’, is also Samuel Beckett’s only attempt at a medium he otherwise admired from a distance and had highly developed theoretical thoughts about.  The Irish writer and the legendary stone face Buster Keaton’s strange and dialogue-free film opus is a nightmarish chase between E (the camera) and O (Keaton). 

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‘The Act of Becoming’  by Jennifer Anderson and Vernon Lott 

How can a novel about a mediocre man’s ordinary life lie hidden away in American universities in a few, dusty copies, only to be hailed as one of the best contemporary novels 50 years later? The story of John Williams’ rediscovered book ‘Stoner’ is itself worthy of a novel, and is presented by some of the people we can thank for getting to know the work today.

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Marathon reading of ‘Stoner’

In cooperation with Bogforum, CPH:DOX presents a marathon reading of ALL the novel in Grand Teater’s cafe from 9:00 to 19:00. Former police director Hanne Bech Hansen, literary theorist and radio host Klaus Rothstein, actor Mette Gregersen, Clinical Progessor, MD. Bente Klarlund Petersen, actor and storyteller Vigga Bro, Politician Kim Skotte, author and translator of ‘Stoner’ Jens Christian Grondhal and many more praise the lately discovered masterpiece – by reading it out loud! Listen to a chapter or two, or the whole seventeen. 

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