Music lovers, nature lovers, art lovers and sensitive souls – this is simply something you cannot miss.

Tindersticks, one of the most legendary bands from the alternative music scene, will be visiting CPH:DOX in March. The alternative pop-rock band with roots in both soul and jazz will hold two quirky, beautiful and thoughtful concerts during a unique experience at the venue Kunsthal Charlottenborg.


Concert at 16h

Concert at 20h


Microcosm timelapse videos

The concert is a rare and very special performance of tindersticks’ new work ‘Minute Bodies’, which is a tribute to the British photographer and timelapse pioneer F. Percy Smith, known for his innovative nature films from the beginning of the 1900s. Smith filmed elements from our microcosm, such as flies, spiders and flowers in black & white in time-lapse shorts, still recognisable today.

This more than 100-year old footage inspired the lead singer of tindersticks, Stuart Staples, to remaster and create and new musical and visual work called ‘Minute Bodies’, which will be shown at CPH:DOX in addition to a performance of the bands’ vast musical repertoire. ‘Minute Bodies’ is Stuart Staple’s brainchild:

”The more I saw, the more I felt a need to collaborate with this F. Percy Smith. I felt the beauty and adventure in his images to be somehow trapped within their time and format. As I started to cut them loose, the musical forms and connections began to emerge. My main aim for ’Minute Bodies’ is that it invites Smiths work to breathe and exist in the present”.

On the importance of life

Sight & Sound magazine wrote: “Minute Bodies, with its insistent sexual rhythm, is about the urgency of life on a cellular scale. While it may not help anyone pass their science exams, it is ideally scaled to seep under the audience’s skins and into their veins”.

The concert itself is divided into two parts, both of which will be performed twice – tindersticks will go live on Sunday, March 19 at 16:00 and then again the same day at 20:00.

Changing and accelerating time

The concerts are the first of a series of events, film screenings and exhibition from CPH:DOX 2017, which will focus on the ever changing and accelerating experience of the concept of time. As Stuart Staples interprets Smith’s work: “His work transcends the constraints of its time, and now it teaches us about patience, commitment, ingenuity and determination”.

So tindersticks fans, timelapse fans, nature lovers, documentary lovers, art lovers and anyone looking for a special experience that is completely out of the ordinary, get your tickets here: