CPH:DOX has just added two new music films to its already extensive music programme , further expanding the music focus of the festival following the four new concerts at CPH:DOX announced a week ago.

The music programme at CPH:DOX will consist of, among others, concerts by Thurston Moore, Den Sorte Skole, Jonathan Johansson and Deerhunter, as well as films about Kurt Cobain’s death, Beyoncé fans, Kaisers Orchestra, Malian musicians, but  now also a film about Blur, the LGBT community in the dancehall genre, and concerts by Hôn, CTM, Montmartre All Stars and Za’N’Zi.

New documentary about Blur
In the documentary ‘Blur: New World Towers’ , Sam Wrench portrays Blur’s reunion which brought the Britpop band together for their first record in 16 years. The film follows the unexpected breakthrough in Hong Kong, which set the tentative steps toward the first new album, reuniting the band after 16 years at a spectacular show at home in London, and then bringing them back to Hong Kong in an emotional reunion with the audience.

The documentary sheds light on the British band’s reunion and inner life, and not least on the wonderful dynamic between singer Damon Albarn and guitarist Graham Coxon. A sometimes sorely tried, but ultimately indestructible and deep musical friendship that shines through on their new album ‘The Magic Whip’.

Blur is a band that has never been afraid to explore new avenues, and through personal recordings and interviews with the four bandmates, we see how a perfectly timed record-session unexpectedly gave life to the new album, but also new issues raised about the band’s future. We are proud to be hosting the film’s world premiere on the first day of the festival, on Thursday November 5 at 19:00 at Grand Teater, with two subsequent screenings during the festival.

Dancehall documentary and new concerts
CPH:DOX has also added at the last minute the world premiere of the musical film ‘Out and Bad’ made by Daisy May-Hudson for Vice’s little sister Noisey. It is a film that puts focus on the LGBT community in the dancehall genre, and it is guaranteed to be more than danceable, raunchy and rude!

Dancehall and the culture surrounding the music genre are unfortunately notorious for being homophobic – but a group of gay men in England challenge that stereotype. ‘Out and Bad’ gets close to a double minority, who in England’s clubs and bars are fighting with music as a weapon against discrimination, violence and homophobia.

The film will be shown on November 7th at Absalon followed by a dancehall party!

And the four added concerts put an extra musical touch to this year’s programme:

Hôn (with Jespere Lidang from The Rumour Said Fire) vs. Harmonic Mind combines classic pop with a charming take on r’n’b, dance music and 80s melancholic nostalgia, while CTM (Cæcilie Trier) + First Flush offer progressive and modern avant-garde pop. The festival also hosts a jazz evening with Montmartre All Stars, who will play after the screening of the film ‘Cool Cats’ about Dexter Gordon and Ben Webster – all with Montmartre’s historic jazz hits. And finally you may find Werner Herzog’s classic ‘Fata Morgana’ as Za’N’Zi, also known as Sundi Zacharias and Aske Zidore from Gooms and Oh No Ono, has especially designed a live soundtrack where soundscapes and chaotic beats put the listener in an ambient wasteland.

Where and when?

Blur: New World Towers
Thursday, November 5 at 19:00. Grand.
Wednesday, November 11 at 21:30. TELTET.
Saturday. November 14, at 21:30. Absalon
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Out and Bad
Saturday, November 7 at 21:00. Absalon.
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Hôn vs. Harmonic Mind + support
Solbjerg Church – November 14 20:00
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CTM + First Flush
Absalon – November 12 pm. 19:00
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Montmartre All Stars vs. Cool Cats
Jazzhus Montmartre – November 11, 20:00
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Za’N’Zi vs Werner Herzog ‘Fata Morgana’
Cinemateket – November 6, 21:45
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