Get your soundtrack composed live in Charlottenborg by the sound designer and film composer behind the films such as “Antichrist”, “Only God Forgives” and “Something Better to Come”

Date: 22/3/17

Time: 20:00

Let yourself be swept into the magical world of film music with the composer behind the film “Antichrist” – and get music for your own movies!

The brass instruments of John Williams’ intro to “Star Wars”. The screeching strings in Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.

There are many good examples of how music in film can not only liven up the images on the screen, but can also create a synergistic effect, to the point where the two become completely inseparable. How would “Antichrist” have been without Kristian Eidnes Andersen’s score?

The answer to the latter can be found when the composer behind the music in Lars Von Trier’s films will provide an in-depth glimpse into the expansive world of film scores, after a showing of the film “Score”. On this evening, Andersen, who has also composed the music to documentaries like ’The Man Who Saved The World’ and ’Diary from Porn Valley’, will show examples from his own work and present live pieces with cellist Henrik Dam Thomsen. At the end Andersen will offer his idea for a soundtrack for a completely new film – maybe yours!

CPH:DOX and Everyday Project are working together so that YOU can win a sample of what it’s like to have a professionally composed score for your film.

Are you working on a short or feature-length documentary or fiction film, and do you have a scene ready where the soundtrack is paramount for the story?

Now YOU have the possibility to have 30 seconds of your film live scored by the Danish composer Kristian Eidnes Andersen.

Submit your film by uploading to no later than 10/3/17, with the tag “cphdox-score”. Two films will be chosen to get 30 seconds each scored live on a theatre screen in front of a big audience at Charlottenborg on March 22nd.