Last Year in Utopia, Germany.

Bertolt Brecht meets Big Brother in the reconstruction of a reality TV show that collapsed.

Director Katharina Knust, visiting March 17-24

Director & Producer Jana Magdalena Keuchel, visiting March 17-24


América, United States.

A charming, Mexican adventure about three mismatched brothers and their 93-year-old grandmother in a film about family ties.

Director Erick Stoll, visiting March 20-28

Director Chase Whiteside, visiting March 20-30


Extinction, Portugal.

A sombre and hypnotic essay film from the fluent borders of the former Soviet Union.

Director Salomé Lamas, visiting March 18-20


Central Airport THF, Germany, France, Brazil.

Exquisitely observed film from a modern Babylon – a closed-down airport in Berlin, which today is home to migrants such as 18-year-old Ibrahim.

Director Karim Aïnouz, visiting March 19-23


Becoming Animal, Switzerland, United Kingdom

A visionary field trip to Wyoming’s wild and vast nature becomes a philosophical reevaluation of our relationship with the world that surrounds us.

Director Emma Davie, visiting March 20-25

Director Peter Mettler, visiting March 16-18

Author/Anthropologist Jeremy Narby, visiting March 16-18


The Raft, Sweden, Denmark, United States, Germany

Three months without privacy on a raft. The story of the strangest social experiment of all times – told by those who took part in it, 1973.

Director Marcus Lindeen, visiting March 16-18 & 22-24

Producer Vibeke Vogel, visiting March ?


Hale County This Morning, This Evening, United States

The Sundance hit from the heart of black America, where a photographic mosaic of impressions merge to become an artistic and politically innovative work.

Director RaMell Ross, visiting March 20-24


Bisbee ’17, United States

A whole town confronts its own, dark past in a meta-Western and an epic roleplay, based on the most violent episode in the post-civil war history of the United States.

Director Robert Greene, visiting March 22-25

Producer Bennett Elliott, visiting March ?


Welcome to Sodom, Austria

A dark and sensuous film from a landfill in Ghana, where electronic waste from the West is being recycled. An unforgettable experience, told by the workers themselves.

Director Christian Krönes, visiting March 20-24

Director Florian Weigensamer, visiting March 19-24

Producer Roland Schrotthofer, visiting March 20-24


Giants and the Morning After, Sweden

Welcome to the Swedish Twin Peaks. An atmospheric and understatedly funny film from fringe Sweden, where giants and trolls lurk in the deep forests. A subtle drama about the very small community Ydre.

Director Per Bifrost, visiting March 19-25

Director Malla Grapengiesser, visiting March 19-22

Director Alexander Rynéus, visiting March 19-25




Weapon of Choice, Austria

A dark study of American gun culture, which ends with an incredible true crime story of contract killers and billion dollar fraud.

Director Fritz Ofner, visiting March 19-24

Director Eva Hausberger, visiting March 19-24


Alt-Right: Age of Rage, United States

Behind the ultra-right-wing movement that with Trump as an unofficial frontman has conquered the world’s most powerful country.

Director Adam Lough, visiting March 19-23


A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot, Ireland, United Kingdom

Violence and unrest continue to haunt the streets – and homes – of Northern Ireland. A shocking and incredible story of motherly determination.

Director Sinéad O’Shea, visiting March 16-18


Our New President, United States, Russia

This is how Donald Trump got elected, seen exclusively through the eyes of Russian propaganda. Equal parts biting satire and frighteningly topical journalism.

Director Maxim Pozdorovkin, visiting March 20-23


Exit, Norway

Nazis, Jihadis and violent Antifas. A former right-wing extremist explores the price of breaking with a dark past.

Director Karen Winther, visiting March 19-23

Tore Bjørgo, visiting March 21-23

David Vallat, visiting March 20-21


A Woman Without a Name, Iran

Four young women entrust their thoughts to us from a women’s prison in Tehran, in a film that is rich in both nuances and contrasts.

Director Farzad Khoshdast, visiting March 19-24


Laila at the Bridge, Canada, Afghanistan

A fight against the Afghan heroin mafia with the most ‘badass’ woman in Kabul. A powerful film about a woman who is willpower in its purest form.

Director Elizabeth Sylvia Mirzaei, visiting March 18-22

Director Gulistan Mirzaei, visiting March 18-22




All Voices are Mine, Pakistan

A clear dream lit by daylight, where imagination itself becomes an active creator of the enigmatic and poetic work.

Director Basir Mahmood, visiting March 19-23


Black Mother, Jamaica, United States

Jamaica’s spiritual identity is conjured up in a hallucinatory mosaic, where the woman is the doorway to another world.

Director Khalik Allah, visiting March 22-25


The Disappeared, Germany, Israel

Propaganda disguised as entertainment in an action film produced by the Israeli army – in an iconoclastic (anti)film without images.

Director Gilad Baram, visiting March 16-19

Director Adam Kaplan, visiting March 16-19


Wild Relatives, Lebanon, Germany

Biodiversity and international politics from Lebanon to Svalbard in an original work with perspectives that reach far beyond the future of humanity.

Director Jumana Manna, visiting March 21-23


Translations / Nutsigassat, Greenland, Canada, Denmark

A graceful and complex meditation on language, landscape and the Danish colonial interventions in Greenland.

Director Tinne Zenner, visiting March ?


Possessed, Netherlands

The internet alchemists Metahaven’s visual essay about the (a)social media’s occult force of attraction, set against a dark score by Laurel Halo.

Director Rob Schröder, visiting March 21-23

Director Vinca Kruk, visiting March 21-23

Director Daniel van der Velden, visiting March 21-23


Cops are Actors, Sweden

Authority and performance meet in a comic no-man’s-land outside Los Angeles, where three policemen show us what they have learned in Hollywood.

Director Tova Mozard, visiting March 20-24




The Happy Native / Lykkelænder, Denmark, Greenland

Impressions from Greenland in a beautiful and sensitive film about myths and reality – and about the historical relationship with Denmark.

Producer Rikke Tambo, visiting March ?


Den Nat vi Faldt, Denmark

A sensuous, poetic and above all photographic film about loss – and about moving on in life. One of this year’s most promising Danish debuts.

Producer Vibeke Vogel,  visiting March ?


One Table Two Elephants, Sweden, South Africa

Alive and wild, an ethnographic film from Cape Town and its surroundings, where B-boys, biologists, bushmen and ghosts share the world of life.

Director Jacob von Heland, visiting March 20-25

Director Henrik Ernstson, visiting March 20-24


Waiting for Barcelona, Finland

Love affairs, friendships and the police on his heels. One of Europe’s young homeless men lets us into his life on Barcelona’s streets.

Director Juho-Pekka Tanskanen, visiting March 18-24

Producer Isabella Karhu, visiting March 18-24


Maj Doris, Sweden

Nights with northern lights and clear frosty mornings in beautiful scenes from the life of a completely amazing 74-year-old woman.

Director Jon Blåhed, visiting March 18-24


A Good Week for Democracy, Sweden

A sharp, funny and insightful film about a Swedish the largest political media event of the year in Sweden: The Almedalen Week.

Director Cecilia Björk, visiting March 17-23


The Punk Voyage, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

From the rehearsal space to Eurovision with Finland’s developmentally impaired punk band number yksi. A docu-comedy – with its heart in the right place.

Director J-P Passi, visiting March 16-18


The Night, Norway

A beautifully animated and bittersweet Norwegian film about two brothers and their upbringing with an alcoholic mother and musician father.

Director Steffan Strandberg, visiting March 20-24




Tarpaulins, Austria, United States

Los Angeles’s smallest inhabitants are on the attack in a wonderfully inventive and imaginative film about termites.

Director Lisa Truttmann, visiting March 21-24


Harmony, United Kingdom

Beautifully photographed and dark film from a heavy industrial fringe of Russia, where youths struggle to live up to masculine and feminine ideals.

Director Frederick Paxton, visiting March 18-25

Producer Maria Babikova,  visiting March 18-25


Entrance to the End, Sweden, Denmark

Hausswolff and Kristensen’s dark, audiovisual work is the subconscious’s answer to an ultra-violent Italian cannibal film from the 1970s.

Director Maria von Hausswolff, visiting March ?

Director Anne Gry Friis Kristensen, visiting March ?


Conventional Sins, Israel

Docu-noir about sexual abuse in the ultra-orthodox environment in Jerusalem, where the now adult Meilech finally confronts his ‘sugar daddy’.

Director Shira-Clara Winther, visiting March 13-22

Director Anat Zuria, visiting March 13-22


Independent Boy, Netherlands

Vincent takes over his friend Metin’s life for a month. An experiment that aims to get him out of the couch and into the big wide world.

Director Vincent Boy Kars, visiting March 20-24


A Moon Made of Iron, Chile, France

A macabre mystery from Chile’s coastlines, where the bodies of Chinese fishermen appear without explanation.

Director Francisco Rodriguez, visiting March 20-23


Unsettling, United Kingdom, Israel

A pop-up film studio becomes a social laboratory for encounters with camera-shy (but not conflict-averse) Israeli settlers on the West Bank.

Director Iris Zaki, visiting March 20-25


Minding the Gap, United States

From skateboard video to documentary ‘Boyhood’. Three young friends grow up, become young men and make life choices in front of rolling cameras.

Director Bing Liu, visiting March 16-21


Beautiful Things, Italy

A documentary science fiction that locates the future in the midst of our present age. Work and alienation have taken on a whole new meaning in the 21st century’s fundamentally changing and increasingly abstract networks of economics, ecology and (un)natural raw materials.

Director Giorgio Ferrero, visiting March 16-18

Director Federico Biasin, visiting March 16-18


What Remains, Brazil

Tropical surrealism, erotic dreams and role play in an improvised adaptation of Thomas Mann’s ‘The Magic Mountain’.

Director Humberto Giancristofaro, visiting March 22-25


Little Pyongyang, United Kingdom

A stylish mood report from a London suburb, where there are more North Koreans than anywhere else in the world – outside of North Korea itself.

Producer Aya Kaido, visiting March 20-23




Fred, United Kingdom

An 85-year-old London gangster puts his cards on the table in a dark and psychological, but deeply engaging film between true crime and exquisite storytelling.

Director Paul Van Carter, visiting March 16-18


The Ice King, United Kingdom

A perfectionist, rebel and icon. A portrait of the British ice skater John Curry, who transgressed all norms in his turbulent life.

Director James Erskine, visiting March 21-23


Wall, Canada

A beautifully animated film about the wall that separates Israel and Palestine – written by the Oscar-nominated British author David Hare, who is also our guide.

Playwright David Hare, visiting March 16-18


In the Name of your Daughter, Canada, Tanzania

In Tanzania, circumcised girls are worth twice as much in terms of dowry as uncircumcised girls. The right of young women to decide what happens with their own body is defended by the modern heroine Rhobi in Tanzania.

Director Giselle Portenier, visiting March ?


The School in the Cloud, United Kingdom

An Indian professor’s experiment in children’s access to (self)learning paves the way for a revolution of education as we know it.

Director Jerry Rothwell, visiting March 19-22




Caniba, France

A Japanese cannibal in a boundary-transgressing new film by the visionary makers of the CPH:DOX winner ‘Leviathan’.

Director Verena Paravel, visiting March 23-25

Director Lucien Castaing-Taylor, visiting March 23-25


Karl’s Perfect Day, Mexico, Germany

The best day ever from morning to midnight. You would wish you were the Swedish artist Karl Holmqvist after this poetic dream of a hybrid film.

Protagonist Karl Holmqvist, visiting March 16-18


Makala, France

A simple and sensuous Cannes winner, which follows a few days in the life of a Congolese farmer, and where the smallest detail contains its own greatness.

Director Emmanuel Gras, visiting March 20-23


★, Austria

This year’s intergalactic film trip ! Starry skies from several hundred films assembled in one long, mind-expanding experience in a film for true film fans.

Director Johann Lurf, visiting March 20-24


Le fort des fous, France, Algeria, Qatar, Germany, Greece

Reality and dream meet in a postcolonial revolt in three acts by the Algerian filmmaker behind the CPH:DOX winner ‘Bloody Beans’.

Director Narimane Mari, visiting March 22-24



The xx

On 17 March, the xx will open their program at CPH:DOX. The London trio will present a series of films and live events that will explore themes of identity, gender, performance, youth culture and LGBTIQ issues.

Oliver SIm,  visiting March 17-23

Romy Madley Croft, visiting March 17-19

Simon Guzylack, visiting March 17-23

And many more guests + directors from the programme.





After the screening of Matangi Maya / M.I.A. on March 15th M.I.A herself will come and give a talk about the role of art in activism, creativity and resistance – together with local NGO Turning Tables. In a combination of M.I.A.’s own video footage and newer material, we are given a unique look at the strong, sensitive and activistic person Matangi behind the superstar M.I.A. while she is up against the hysteria of pop culture, the media machine and endless political agendas.

Visiting March 15-16


Desolation Center, United States

Jump on the school bus and join an acid trip to the Mojave Desert with a young Sonic Youth, Einstürzende Neubauten and the rest of the 1980s punk and industrial scene.

Director Stuart Swezey, visiting March 15-21


The strange sound of happiness, Germany, Italy

A quirky and poetic road trip to Siberia in search of the meaning of life and the Jew harp’s strange sound of happiness.

Director Diego Pascal Panarello, visiting March 18-25


Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, United Kingdom, Ireland

Pull up to the bumper, baby! 10 years in the life of the ultimate diva – as a singer, supermodel, style-icon and as the human being behind the superstar.

Director Sophie Fiennes, visiting March 16-17


The Goodiepal Equation, Finland, Denmark

Six years on intergalactic highways with computer music’s radical answer to Harry Houdini: the techno warrior Goodiepal.

Director Sami Sänpäkkilä, visiting March 21-23


Betty – They Say That I’m Different, United Kingdom, France

A beautiful, sizzling and sweaty film about the funk singer and female icon Betty Davis, who in the 1970s changed the music landscape for women forever.

Director Phil Cox, visiting March 21-24


Silvana, Sweden

From underground to icon. On the feminist front line with the Swedish-Syrian rapper Silvana Imam, who has taken the North by storm.

Silvana Imam, visiting March 23


Milford Graves Full Mantis, USA

Heart beats, polyrhythms and vibrations from outer space. Welcome to the free jazz legend Milford Graves’s creative cosmos in South Jamaica, New York.

Co-director Neil Cloaca Young in Copenhagen until March 22 and Jake Meginsky, the film’s director, is there from the 20-23.



Latifa: A Fighting Heart, France

The inspiring story of a superhumanly strong woman’s tireless struggle against the forces that killed her son in a terrorist attack.

Latifa Ibn Ziaten, visiting March 24


Eating animals, United States

The adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s critical bestseller narrated by Natalie Portman is a film for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. The film makes us think one step further – what consequences has the industrial meat production, not only has for animals, but also for ourselves and the planet we live on.

Writer & Producer Jonathan Safran Foer, visiting March 21-24


Silas, Canada, South Africa, Kenya

Simple technology and inspiring idealism. Meet a modern, African activist fighting against corruption and illegal deforestation in a film that actually makes a difference.

Silas Siakor, visiting March 18-21


Hanaa, Italy

Four young women from their own corner of the world have more than their name in common. A film that insists on beauty against all odds.

Director Giuseppe Carrieri, visiting March 17-19


Demons in Paradise, Sri Lanka, France

A Tamil filmmaker returns to Sri Lanka’s bloody past for the first time in a personal and poetic film, describing the war – as well as his hopes for the future – with images and words.

Director Jude Ratnam, visiting March 21-24


The Milk System, Germany, Italy

Do you know where milk comes from? Technology, economics an ethics are on the agenda in a journey from Denmark to China.

Director Andreas Pichler, visiting March 16-18


A Woman Captured, Hungary

The incredible story of a woman, who for 10 years has lived as an unpaid home slave in the middle of Europe. The encounter with the filmmaker gives her renewed hope.

Director Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, visiting March 18-20


EuroTrump, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United States

Behind the scenes with the European answer to Donald Trump: the politician Geert Wilders during the year when he runs for prime minister.

Director Stephen Robert Morse, visiting March 15-18

Director Nick Hampson, visiting March 15-18


The Green Lie, Austria

Are we seduced by the good message of sustainability when we go shopping? A docu-comedy where nothing is what it seems.

Director Werner Boote, visiting March 16-18

Kathrin Hartmann, visiting March 17-18


Generation Wealth, United States

Welcome to the decadent ultra-rich, where money is just something you have – but where wealth has its own price.

Director Lauren Greenfield, visiting March 20-24




Love Means Zero, United States

Character-driven filmmaking at its best. Meet the colourful and charismatic tennis legend Nick Bollettieri, as he faces a tough opponent.

Director Jason Kohn, visiting March 17-20


Prince of Nothingwood, France

Lights, camera, action! At work in Afghanistan’s Hollywood with the country’s answer to Roger Corman in a true audience darling of a film.

Director Sonia Kronlund, visiting March 16-18


Shirkers, Singapore, United States

The incredible story of how Singapore’s first feminist indie-horror film disappeared and returned with a vengeance.

Director Sandi Tan, visiting March 18-23


The Price of Everything, United States

The art market seen from the inside in an entertaining and insightful film about art, money and prestige – and about the price of letting oneself be seduced.

Director Nathaniel Kahn, visiting March 20-24


Time Trial, United Kingdom

Shot with the most advanced modern technology, the film follows the Scottish Tour de France hero David Millar during his last season in the saddle.

Dan Deacon, visiting March 22-26


Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist, United Kingdom

Vivienne according to Westwood. The ultimate film about one of the modern fashion world’s most innovative and colourful personalities.

Director Lorna Tucker, visiting March 19-22

Producer Eleanor Emptage, visiting March ?


Chef Flynn, United States

Master chef at 12 and an international celebrity just a few years later. See it happen on the fly in a film, that will make the stomachs sing in the cinema.

Producer Laura Coxson, visiting March 18-22




The Ancient Woods, Lithuania

Biodiversity on the forest floor gets a new breath of life in a unique, dialogue-free film developed in collaboration with biologists.

Director Mindaugas Survila, visiting March 18-20


Point of No Return, United States

A fascinating and adventurous film about the breakneck attempt of two pilots to fly all the way around the world – with nothing but solar energy!

Director Quinn Kanaly, visiting March 17-21


The Most Unknown, United States

A scientific exploration of the unknown, where the greatest mysteries of physics and nature can be found at the bottom of the ocean and in outer space.

Director Ian Cheney, visiting March 15-20


Point of No Return, United States

A fascinating and adventurous film about the breakneck attempt of two pilots to fly all the way around the world – with nothing but solar energy!

Director Noel Dockstader, visiting March 17-21


Eastern Memories, Finland

Past and present meet in an epic road movie through Central Asia to Japan. Adventure and intrigues, life and death, the downfall of nations – told by a dead Finn.

Director Martti Kaartinen, visiting March 17-24

Director Niklas Kullström, visiting March 17-24


Cyborgs Among Us, Spain, France

We are the robots – or what? Welcome to the posthuman era, where an antenna in the forehead allows you to hear colours.

Director Rafel Duran Torrent, visiting March 17-19




The Congo Tribunal, Switzerland, Germany

All parties of the civil war in Congo take part in a symbolic and artistically visionary trial with two goals: peace and justice after twenty years of war.

Director & Producer Arne Birkenstock, visiting March 18-22


Playing God, Germany, Netherlands

At work with a controversial larger-than-life lawyer and razor-sharp talent, who operates in the dramatic minefield between finance and morality.

Director Karin Jurschick, visiting March 15-18


The Art of Argument, Germany, Austria

Four young Germans in a tough battle of words, rhetoric and performance in the dramatic rounds leading up to the wrestling match of brains: the World Championships in Law.

Director Melanie Liebheit, visiting March 15-19

Director Gereon Wetzel, visiting March 15-17


Recruiting for Jihad, Norway

Three years with the young Norwegian jihadi Ubaydullah Hussein in a controversial film about radicalisation, extremism and the response of free society.

Director Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen, visiting March 18-20

Lawyer David B Smallman, visiting March 20-22




Foreigners Out! Schlingensief’s Container, Austria

A chaotic and controversial reality show, where asylum seekers are voted home live with the German provocateur Christoph Schlingensief as the host.

Director Paul Poet, visiting March 17-19

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Contact Head of International Press Anastasia Shekhsnya on

Note: The Danish directors are not present on this list since most of them are in Copenhagen during the festival.