Society needs science to tackle today’s global challenges and research must be communicated so that its importance to our common reality can be the subject of a democratic dialogue. If there ever was a time when we should strive for this happening, it is now. 

In 2017 CPH:DOX established the overall CPH:SCIENCE programme, uniting film and science through activities for audiences, education and research institutions, as well as for the film industry. 

SCIENCE FILM FACTORY is an incubator for filmmakers and scientists nurturing creative documentary films and new media projects that can engage a broader audience in science and its impact on society.

During the Science Film Factory 5 selected scientists will present their research and meet interested film directors and producers. For filmmakers, this is a unique opportunity to access the deep knowledge existing within international universities and research centres for creating new powerful documentaries. For researchers, it is a platform to access high quality communication channels for their research.

Activities on the day include:

  • Presentations of the selected research projects
  • Tailored meetings between researchers and filmmakers
  • Networking happy hour drink


If you are interested in presenting your research towards filmmakers, please submit information about your research here (create a profile and choose the “Submit to Science Film Factory” module). The festival team will shortly after be in touch with you to discuss the potential of your research being presented at the event. Submission of the research as well as participation for the selected researchers is free of charge. 

We are looking for research with both a need and a potential to be communicated visually to a general public in a documentary film. We welcome research from both social and natural disciplines that span across the overall theme of climate change.

Selected researchers will be invited by the festival with travel and accommodation and provided with a complementary SCIENCE pass that in addition to the activities on the day, includes access to:

  • A full conference day focusing on the intersection of science and film at our CPH:CONFERENCE (Monday, March 23)
  • CPH:FORUM (Tuesday, March 24), with a selection of creative documentary film and new media projects on science and technology presented to potential financiers, distributors, co-production partners and collaborators.

Other science stakeholders interested in attending the event as observers can apply for a pass here.

For any questions regarding Science Film Factory or CPH:SCIENCE, don’t hesitate to contact

Deadline to submit a research project to the event: January 15, 2020
Notification of selection: February 1, 2020
Science Film Factory presentations and meetings: March 24, 2020

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