From horror thrillers and French ghosts to new media and news from Veto front man Troels Abrahamsen. On Friday 13 CPH:DOX puts on its chameleon suit.

One-day Conference on the digital media landscape.
’F:ACT CONFERENCE – New Media, New Realities’ connects creatives from the fields of film, media, communication, journalism and technology to explore the current state of documenting and transforming the media landscape.

The conference is from 8:1515:00 in TELTET in Kongens Have.



Come to a concert with EXEC (AKA Troels Abrahamsen) vs. Obscura
Just a few years ago, the Veto front man Troels Abrahamsen sat down in front of his piano instead of the computer. Abrahamsen will perform his live debut with EXEC during CPH:DOX, and we have paired him with the visual arts group Obscura, whose previous collaborations include Den Sorte Skole, Giana Factory and Oh Land. The concert is at 21:00 in Bremen. Read more about the event here and buy tickets here.

Docu-horror and horror soundtracks
Friday the 13th asks to be celebrated! And this we will do at Absalon where the church doors will open up for an evening with the docu-horror film ‘The Nightmare’ and a DJ set with the performance group Vinyl Terror and Horror. ‘The Nightmare’ (see Top Dox) is a film about the phenomenon of sleep paralysis whose victims often wake up at night without being able to move and with the feeling of being haunted by evil spirits – a condition that is known to be infectious simply from hearing about it! The director Rodney Ascher (‘Room 237’) confronts eight people with reconstructions of the nightmares they have experienced – and it is not suitable for children! Dress code: The horror! Buy tickets here.

On a Parisian ghost hunt on Friday 13
If you are more into mystique then you should check out ‘Spectrographies During one long winter’s night in a neon-lit Paris, a restless young man wanders around to let himself be found by something that most people otherwise try to avoid: ghosts. And the night is full of unexpected encounters in an ultra-chic film, which is neither documentary nor fiction, but rather an adaptation of the idea that Jacques Derrida defines in a guest star appearance on the cinema screen: that film plus psychoanalysis is equal to the science of ghosts. I.e. a form of ‘spectrography’,
’Flying Phosphorous and Shooting Stars’ is shown before the film, a poetic report from a country where ghosts are an accepted part of reality.
See both films at 19:00 in Absalon. Buy tickets here. 

Films you can see tomorrow and Cinema Eye Honors
There are many art films on tomorrow’s programme, and the nominees for the ninth edition of Cinema Eye Honors have just been announced.

Malaysian mods are surprised by a matchbox full of butterflies in the British artist Phil Collins’ stylish course on the importance of style. That is only one of the many art films in The Meaning of Style’. See the short films at 18:15 in Cinemateket. Or how about something new from SUPERFLEX, Ali Cherri and Yto Barrada with the three short films ‘Kwassa Kwassa’, ‘The Digger’ about exchange and illusions across continents. You can see the films 20:15 in Cinemateket. Something completely different: Oncle Bernard – A Counter-Lesson in Economics’ about the economist Bernard Maris, also known as uncle Bernard, who were among the killed when Charlie Hebdo was attacked in January. See the film 16:40 in Dagmar.

CPH:DOX films nominated for prestigous award
The nominees for this year’s Cinema Eye Honors for Nonfiction Filmmaking have been found. Among the nominees are four CPH:DOX-films and two Danish films that premiered at the festival last year.
Read more about the nominees and the award here.