Again CPH:DOX offers plenty of films to choose from during Monday – here’s your guide for today’s programme.


7 years of struggle against heroin
Mallory is living a hard life. Her wild youth among punks and skinheads in Prague’s underground is over, and after several years on both drugs and living on the streets, it is slowly the last chance for the self-conscious Mallory. The Czech veteran Helena Třeštíkovás has followed Mallory for 7 years and her struggle against heroin and a Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

Meet the director at the screening of ‘Mallory’ today at 19.15 at Grand Teatret.

Borderland between reality and dream
With a population of 94 and a geographic location in the swamps between Louisiana and Texas, the town of Uncertain is more a state of mind than an actual place. As the sheriff himself says: you have to get lost to find us. Here, you can live and do as you like, and when you like. ‘Uncertain’ is a funny, heartbreaking and cinematic film from the borderland between the two states. And between reality and dream.

Catch it todayat 14.30 in Bremen Teater.

British humour at its very best with Monty Python
Since the 1960s, the mad Englishmen from Monty Python have sent TV audience’s brains into a tailspin all over the world with their surreal satire shows. Last year, the five remaining members reunited for the first time in 34 years, in a last live show. British humour at its very best, and comedy at an almost mind-expanding level. New fans can start here, while old swingers can scratch their bowler hat as they ponder the meaning of life.

You can watch ‘Monty Python: The Meaning of Live’ today at 16.40 in Grand Teatret.

Get behind the mask with Finland’s lost heavy metal son, Mr. Lordi
Not a single person on the European continent wasn’t glued to the screen, when Finnish Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 – dressed in grotesque costumes that look like they come straight out of a B movie from the 1980s. Ten years after Lordi’s lead-singer Tomi Putaansuu can hardly afford to feed his pet pythons.‘Monsterman’ follows Tomi’s brave battle against Lordi’s dwindling success. Join us on a tragicomic downfall with Finland’s lost heavy metal son, Mr. Lordi.

Come behind the horror mask at 19.00 in Absalon

A seamless, sensual performance
Wearing a gold glitter top and copious amounts of hair gel, Perfume Genius, otherwise known as Mike Hadreas, sits enthroned on the album cover of last year’s release ‘Too Bright’. In spite of his festive and flamboyant appearance, Hadreas makes far from easily accessible dance music, but complex, groundbreaking and introverted art pop, Sort Støj will accompany Perfume Genius with its visuals at Aveny-T in Frederiksberg, a setting that fits perfectly with the theatrical performer.

Experience a seamless, sensual performance by Perfume Genius og Sort Støj’ tonight at 20.00 at Aveny-T.

See you at DOX, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s guide!