For its 15th edition CPH:DOX will take place in spring, from March 15-25 2018, with its main festival centre at the contemporary art space Kunsthal Charlottenborg. This year the festival will offer an ambitious programme with more than 200 films and more than 100 premieres, a guest curated programme by the English band The xx, a greater focus on science, a new programme on justice and the constitutional state, and not least an art exhibition and film programme dedicated to social experiments. Explore the programme here.

Parallel to the festival from 19th – 24th of March runs CPH:INDUSTRY hosting the financing and co-production market CPH:FORUM, the work-in-progress section CPH:WIP, the new pitching event Science Film Forum, the 5-day conference in partnership with Documentary Campus CPH:CONFERENCE and the screening market CPH:MARKET (a separate press release on industry activities will be released soon).

And the nominees are….

CPH:DOX presents five international competition programmes presenting some of the best documentaries in the world today. The main competition Dox:Award offers among other the World Premiere of the Danish film ‘Lost Warrior’ (Søren Steen Jespersen and Nasib Farah) – from the producer behind last year’s DOX:AWARD winner ‘Last Men in Aleppo’. The main competition also features new films by international auteurs, Peter Mettler, Robert Greene and Marcus Lindeen. As well as new art stars as Salomé Lamas’ ‘Extinction’. In the Nordic competition we present new films from among others Max Kestner (‘Bad Circumstances), Cille Hannibal (‘The Night We Fell’) and Lasse Lau (‘Lykkelænder’).

The  F:ACT Award is dedicated to investigative and socially committed films, and presents among others the premiere of Katrine Philp’s’ ‘False Confessions’, a noir documentary about the history of the Glock pistol (‘Weapon of Choice’) and the Sundance film ‘Our New President’, covering the American presidential election of Donald Trump – exclusively through propaganda clips from the Russian Media.

The New:Vision Award and Next:Wave Award are dedicated to films made by visual artists and new, young talents. New:Vision features films by acclaimed artists like Camille Henrot,  Metahaven and Alex da Corte, (whose movie ‘Slow Graffiti’ is a surreal remake of Jørgen Leth’s ‘The Perfect Man’). And among the nominees for this year’s Next: Wave Award is the Sundance-hit ‘Minding the Gap’ and the Brazilian fantasy based on Thomas Mann’s classic work ‘The Magic Mountain’.

The audience can also vote for their favourite among ten films nominated for the Politikens Audience Award, from a new film about the All-Right movement in the USA to the Sundance winner ‘Kailash’, from the Afghan film ‘Laila at the Bridge’ to the Norwegian film ‘Exit’ about radicalization and extremism – directed by a former neo-nazi. 

2018 Guest Curators: The xx

The London trio The xx has curated a special programme for CPH:DOX and members of the band will visit the festival to introduce the films in the company of filmmakers during an entire week. The programme takes its title from The xx’s most recent album – the 2017’s acclaimed I See You – with their film selection being informed by many of the same themes and emotions the band explore through their music: identity, gender, performance, youth culture and LGBTIQ issues.  

Women musicians take the spotlight

For more musical experiences head over to the music programme, which this year is representing more women artists than ever before.You can discover artists ranging from young rising stars like the Swedish-Syrian feminist rapper Silvana Imam, to music legends like the 82-year-old singer Shirley Collins, who will both take the stage after screenings of films about the artists themselves, or visionary musicians such as Laurel Halo and Lolina (Inga Copeland). And yes, there will be some boys too – join Hot Chip at this year’s Final Party.  

Festival hits & highlights

The program also offers the latest festival hits by auteurs as Agnès Varda & JR, Frederick Wiseman, Shirin Neshat, Barbet Schroeder, Corneliu Porumboiu, Abel Ferrara, Wang Bing as well as the former CPH:DOX award winner Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel, Ben Russell and Narimane Mari. You will also find the Oscar-nominated British theatre playwright Sir David Hare himself visiting the festival with his film ‘Wall’ and experience award-winning success movies such as ‘Of Fathers and Sons’, ‘The Other Side of Everything’ and the filming of Jonathan Safran Foer’s bestseller ‘Eating animals’, narrated by Natalie Portman.


From reality-TV and role-playing to the Stanford experiment. Social experiments have over time attempted to capture the unpredictable human nature and the social mechanisms on which society is based upon. It often goes wrong.

This year’s major theme, The Social Experiment, will be an important narrative tying together many different parts of the programme. From the World Premiere of Marcus Lindeen’s film ‘The Raft’ about a failed expedition over the Atlantic in the early 70’s, to a surreal replay of a German reality show (‘Last Year in Utopia’) the theme of social experiments runs all through the program.

At Kunsthal Charlottenborg we have curated an exhibition on the subject, in collaboration with curator Irene Campolmi, as well as a curated film programme ‘A Method to the Madness’, both giving a contemporary and historical overview of cross-border social experiments in film, art and politics. 

Theme: Justice

The rule of law and civil liberty are fundamental elements in a democratic society, but challenges such as terror, migration, and globalization lead to solutions that put the constitutional state under pressure.

JUSTICE is a new program that will run for the next years to come. It is supported by the Dreyer Foundation and focuses on the relationships between the individual and the state, security and liberty, ethics and law, the constitutional state and democracy. Experience, among other things,

the surveillance sci-fi look into preventive crime research in  ‘Pre-Crime’, ‘The Congo Tribunal’ about the long and bloody conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and ‘The Judge’ about the world’s first female Sharia judge. The movies are followed by debates with leading lawyers, professionals and human rights activists. 

An even greater focus on science

Our programme CPH:SCIENCE is dedicated to the growing field between film and science. The opening night of the science programme will be the World Premiere of the documentary The Most Unknown by Ian Cheney, with Werner Herzog as advisor. Other films in the program include Jane, Inventing Tomorrow, Alphago and The Ancient Woods. 

This year we also introduce the Science Film Forum to our Industry activities. Science Film Forum is part of this year’s bigger focus on Science and seeks to spark new collaboration between filmmakers and scientists and serve as an incubator for creative documentary film and new media projects that can engage a broader audience in science and its impact on society. A selection of 7 creative documentary film and new media projects on science and technology will be presented to potential financiers, distributors, co-production partners and collaborators.  

Science is also the theme of one of the days of CPH:CONFERENCE presented in partnership with Documentary Campus, a 5-day event exploring the intersections of film, journalism, technology, science, art and new media.

And it’s far from over!

Did we mention that CPH:DOX 2018 will also offer nationwide screenings with DOX:DIREKTE and REALITY:CHECK, that we will have free screenings for children and that our festival centre Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which we present together with Normann Copenhagen, will host free talks, a VR Cinema, interactive installations and of course the popular sofa cinema Social Cinema.  

Ticket sales are in progress!  

See you at CPH:DOX 2018 from the 15th to the 25th of March!