The winners of the international competitions of the 14th edition of CPH:DOX have been announced at the Awards Ceremony at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

At 22:00 this evening CPH:DOX revealed the winning films of the festival’s six competitions: DOX:AWARD, NORDIC:DOX Award, F:ACT Award, NEW:VISION Award, NEXT:WAVE Award and the Politiken Audience Award. The winners have been selected by the juries, except the Politiken’s Audience Award, which was voted for by the public.

The Award Ceremony took place at CPH:DOX’s new festival centre, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, in the designer sofa Social Cinema created together with Normann Copenhagen.

This year’s winners are…


Winner: ‘The Last Men in Aleppo’ by Feras Fayyad. Co-directed by Steen Johannessen.

The main Competition DOX:AWARD brings together this year’s best international documentaries. The nominated films feature strong personal expression and cinematic qualities. The winner of this year’s DOX:AWARD is ‘The Last Men in Aleppo’ by Feras Fayyad and co-directed by debuting Danish director Steen Johannessen. It is an unforgettable portrait of three reluctant heroes working to save civilians of Aleppo in the middle of the war zone – and was this year’s opening film at CPH:DOX. The jury says that the film has a “devastating emotional immediacy plunges us into a Shakespearean tragedy of a people striving to retain their humanity in the face of impossible realities.”

’The Last Men in Aleppo’ will be screened on 28/03 Grand Teatret (19:00), Tickets here! 29/03 Grand Teatret (21:30), Tickets here!

Special mention to ‘Gray House’ & ‘The John Dalli Mystery’ 

The jury has also given a Special Mention to  ‘Gray House’ by Austin Lynch and Matthew Booth “for its astonishing use of cinematic language to create a profound sense of human isolation”.

‘The John Dalli Mystery’, which follows Mads Brügger and Mikael Bertelsen uncovering the plans for the murder of a former EU commissioner in a thrilling and funny detective film, has also received a Special Mention from the jury “for its combination of gripping investigation with audacious, absurd, and despairing film noir”.


Winner: ‘Radio Kobanï’ by Reber Dosky.

In-depth journalistic investigation meets documentary in the F:ACT Award, the Award for films that have the power to change the world we exist in. The winner of this year’s F:ACT Award is ‘Radio Kobanï’ by Reber Dosky, an unusually compelling story about a strong 21-year-old woman’s struggle for her local radio station in the war-torn city of Kobanï. The jury comments on the film: we have chosen a beautifully crafted film – a film about life and death, war and peace, the loss of hope in humanity and the regaining of that hope. The film is a fiercely intimate piece as well as a rigorously researched piece of citizen journalism.”

’Radio Kobanï’ will be screened on 26/03 Nordisk Film Palads (14:15), Tickets here!

Special mention: ’Trophy’ by Shaul Schwarz & Christina Clusiau.

A Special Mention goes to ‘Trophy’ by Schaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau, a unique film which tells the story of capitalism behind big game hunting and human morality, the jury comments: “in terms of the craft of filmmaking, the cinematography, the editing and the sound design of this film is a great achievement.”

‘Trophy’ will be screened on 26/03 Cinemateket (16:45), Tickets here!


Winner: ‘Land of the Free’ by Camilla Magid.

The NORDIC:DOX Award is a selection of the best and brightest in cinema from the Nordic countries. The field ranges from the poetic to the political and presents young directors with courage and artistic ambitions. The winner of NORDIC:DOX is ‘Land of the Free’ by the Danish director Camilla Magid, a sensitive and worldly-wise depiction of a harsh social reality in the exposed neighbourhood South Central Los Angeles. The jury “was deeply moved by a film that takes us into the depths of human vulnerability. Its well-chosen and poignant stories forcefully mirror each other. The film achieves an incredible intimacy with its protagonists and stays true to its cinematic choices.”

’Land of the Free’ will be screened on 26/03 Empire Bio (12:30) Tickets here!


Special mention: ’69 Minutes of 86 Days’ by Egil Håskjold Larsen.

The jury gives a special mention to ‘69 Minutes of 86 Days’, which follows a 3-year-old girl and her family’s long journey from a Greek refugee centre to Uppsala, in a film that gives the tragedy both a form and a face.The jury comments: “The incredible cinematography, immaculate editing, creative sound design and music all melt into a haunting experience. Its rhythm also imitates that of a dangerous sea which is the starting point of a journey mainly focusing on Lean, an unforgettable three year old girl. She embodies both hope and courage in a time when it is most needed.

’69 Minutes of 86 Days’ will be screened 26/03 Park Bio (21:30), Tickets here!


Winner: ’Life Imitation’ by Zhou Chen

The NEW:VISION Award is dedicated to artists’ films in the field between documentary and visual art. The winner of this year’s NEW: VISION is ‘Life Imitation’ by Zhou Chen, a dark and futuristic dream of a film from a virtual reality, where scenes from China’s underground merge with pixelated shoot-outs. The jury comments: without spectacle and with deep ambivalence, the film creates an intimate portrait of the performance of the self in a hypermediated world, calmly casting an insistent gaze on shifting experiences of sociality, gender, and technology.”

’Life Imitation’ will be screened on 26/03 Kunsthal Charlottenborg (16:00), Tickets here!


Special mention: ’The Lost Dreams of Naoki Hayakawa’ by Ane Hjort Guttu & Daisuke Kosugi

A Special Mention goes to ’The Lost Dreams of Naoki Hayakawa’ by Ane Hjort Guttu & Daisuke Kosugi, which follows Naoki Hayakawi, an art director at an advertising agency in Tokyo – an environment where creativity and all-consuming work conditions become an alienating whole. The jury praises this “unique collaboration that explores the place of the personal within an immediately recognizable global context in which even our dreams are for sale. Grounded by an exceptional central performance, this film is at once formally precise and playfully surrealist.”

’The Lost Dreams of Naoki Hayakawa’ will be screened on 26/03 Kunsthal Charlottenborg (18:30), Tickets here!


Winner: ’1996 Lucy and the Corpses in the Pool’ by Marcos Migliavacca & Nahuel Lahora

Take a walk on the wild side! Our brand new Next:Wave Award is dedicated to emerging filmmakers with the courage to take chances. The winner of NEXT:WAVE Award is ‘1996 Lucy and the Corpses in the Pool’ by Marcos Migliavacca & Nahuel Lahora, an Argentine lo-fi hybrid recorded on a VHS tape about a young woman’s weekend trip to a music festival at a friend’s house. The jury calls it “a playful film that combines different layers of recent history while challenging our assumptions of time/space, memory and nostalgia.”

1996 Lucy and the Corpses in the Pool’ will be screened on 25/03 Cinemateket (21:00), Tickets here!

Special Mention: ’Phantom of Illumination’ by Wattanapume Laisuwanchai.

A Special Mention goes to ’Phantom of Illumination’ by Wattanapume Laisuwanchai, where the tropical climate and hints of the supernatural make for a dark and melancholic Thai film about a man’s last days in the ruins of an abandoned cinema. “A touching tale of one man’s identity evaporating in between the new non-possibilities of urbanization and the estrangement from his village roots.”, comments the jury.

’Phantom of Illumination’ will be screened on 26/03 Cinemateket (18:30), Tickets here!


During the festival, the audience had the opportunity to vote for one of the 10 films selected by CPH:DOX in collaboration with Politiken in support of artistic freedom. This year’s winner is ‘City of Ghosts’ by Matthew Heineman.

‘City of Ghosts follows a group civilian journalists from Syria, which reports from the city of Raqqa, which is under the hold of ISIS, and with their medium ‘Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently’.

City of Ghosts held its international premiere on Wednesday at Bremen and received a standing ovation when Matthew Heineman and two of the film’s protagonists, who worked for ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’, came to the screening.

City of Ghosts will be screened on 25/03 Grand Teatret (19:00), Tickets here!


The prizes were given out March 24 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. All of the winners of DOX:AWARD, F:ACT AWARD, NORDIC:DOX and NEW:VISION received 5000€. The winner of Politiken Audience Award wins 50,000 DKK (~ 6500€), and the winner of the NEXT:WAVE Award receives 2,000€.


The Jury for the DOX:AWARD consisted of: Laura Kim (SVP, Film Marketing, Participant Media), Caroline Libresco (Senior Programmer, Sundance Institute), Marie-Pierre Macia (CEO & Producer, MPM Film), Joshua Oppenheimer (Final Cut for real Aps), Renata Santoro (Film Research & selection, Venice Film Festival)

The F:ACT Award Jury consisted of: Peter Jäger (CEO, Jaeger Creative), Zaradasht Ahmed (Director, Ten Thousand Images), Erika A. Kiss (Associate Research Scholar & Founding), Jemma Desai(Programmer, British Film Institute, United Kingdom), Ole Tornbjerg (Producer, Chili Film, Denmark).

The jury for NORDIC:DOX consisted of: Mehrad Oskouei (Filmmaker, Iran), Martijn De Pas (Head of Program Department, IDFA), Nanna Frank Rasmussen (Film critic, Jyllands-Posten, Denmark), Martin Horyna (Programmer, Karlovy Vary International Film Festiva), Shirley Abraham(Filmmaker).

The NEW:VISION Jury consisted of: Toke Lykkeberg (Curator, Denmark), Erika Balsom (Senior Lecturer in Film Studies and Liberal Arts, King’s College London), Eduardo Williams (Filmmaker / artist), Ali Cherri (Artist, Lebanon), Jacqui Davies (Producer & Curator, Jacqui Davies Ltd)

The NEXT:WAVE jury consisted of: Inge De Leeuw (Programmer and sales agent, IFFR), Mohammedreza Farzad (Filmmaker), Eva Marie Rødbro (Filmmaker), Ewa Szablowska (Programmer, T-mobile New Horizons IFF), Ralf Christensen (Music editor & Film critic, Dagbladet Information)