In collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and the Film Workshop in Copenhagen, CPH:DOX is once again proud to present the DR Talent Award!

6 aspiring, Danish filmmakers have been selected as finalists for the pitch competition, where the best pitch will receive 25.000 DKK in production support and ongoing professional guidance from DR, as well as support with professional production equipment from the Film Workshop.

The Jury, consisting of DR Acquisitions Executive Astrid Jelstrup, CEO of The Film Workshop Prami Larsen and producer Monica Hellström, awards the prize. They evaluate the artistic quality, originality, social relevance and feasibility of the project.

The DR Talent Award pitch competition will be held Monday, March 20th from 14:30-16:30 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Mezzaninen. The winner of the competition will be announced the same place after a short break for jury deliberations.

The 6 finalists

In spite of gravity

Dansk till: De sagde det var umuligt

Directors: Josefine Madsen & Victoria Thorsen


This is a story about a determined young man’s invincible hope in a system and time where all odds appear to be stacked against him. Erfan is 20 years old and from Iran. His biggest dream is to build a human powered flying machine. What is standing in his way, besides gravity, is that his own and his brother’s asylum case – after they’ve lived safely in Denmark for five and a half years – have finally been rejected. Despite the (almost) impossible challenges he has to overcome, Erfan refuses to give up on his dream of flying.

Rwandan Dreams of Cycling

Dansk till: Cykelakademiet I Rwanda

Director: Helen Stæhr


Jimmy and Victor are inseparable friends. They share the dream of racing as professional cyclists, but their single-speed bikes are shabby, old and rusty. The boys tiller o pursue their common dream at the local cycling academy. Here, a series of races are announced with the prize of a mountain bike – the ticket to the talent team and a professional cycling future. Jimmy and Victor compete to prove their talent, but soon signs of ruthlessness appear. Jimmy wins one important competition, however his rivals suspect him of cheating. Will Victor stay loyal or will he put his friendship with Jimmy at risk in the pursuit of his own ambitions?

Let me do the talking

Dansk till: Kald mig beskidt

Directors: Maria Houborg & Mie Mollerup Jørgensen


“Let me do the talking” explores the language of dirty talk. It takes a closer look at both the tender and the vulgar, and listens to the unfamiliar words of a phone sex worker on a bad phone connection. In the film you see two young women on a personal journey towards empowerment from a skyhigh selfiestick. It demolishes the dividing lines between good girl and bad girl in the shades of pink lights and glitter. It refuses to choose between being a respectable girl without a sexual vocabulary and being an overly sexual(ized) stereotype, whilst saying the words ‘big hard throbbing cock’ for the first time, with an unsure voice and embarrassed giggles.


Directors: Nivetha Balasubramaniam & Victoria Francker


Get to know the young girls as they kick ass on the local basketball court in Nørrebro.

This documentary is a coming of age-portrait where we follow the girls’ journey from childhood to teenage years. The coach challenges the girls by giving them more responsibility. Slowly the girls are maturing because they must stick together in order to tackle the competition.


Director: Christina Amundsen


The 24-year old psychology student and playboy model Anna claims the right to be herself.

Modern feminism and the classic female body ideal is vastly debated in Denmark today – and as the documentary portrays her journey through both playboy-sets, studying and everyday life, we follow Anna challenging the norm. We follow her inner journey, her complexity, dreams, sorrow and personal development.

This aesthetic documentary seeks to challenge our prejudices and ideas and give insight into the person behind the pictures.

Deep into the Forest

Dansk till: I skovens dybe tiller o

Directors: Anna Nørskov Henriksen & Ingrid Høgh Rasmussen


The film “Deep into the Forest” seeks to follow the stories of war veterans with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in their search to find peace after returning home.

Through soundscapes the film tries to capture their sensory experiences of different environments, connecting everyday life with war memories.

The film aims to highlight sensory perception and memory as central elements in order to understand what veterans go through when they return home.