Today is International Women’s Day and we are using it as an excuse to highlight 10 films, out of much many more, that focus on women’s stories or are made by women directors.

From the joys and hardships of being a teenage girl, to finding love in a lost village at 81 years old, through activism, war zones and around the world, these films celebrate womanhood in all its forms!

These strong and powerful documentaries will hopefully become an inspiration, no matter the gender of the audience, to continue the fight for women’s rights and freedom all over the world.

’All This Panic’ af Jenny Gage .

Director Jenny Gage has for three years followed a group of teenage girls’ lives in Brooklyn, from when they are 14 to when they turn 17, boiled down to 80 lively New York minutes. Read more.

’Cameraperson’ by Kirsten Johnson.

The critically acclaimed American cinematographer Kirsten Johnson has been a camerawoman for others for 25 years, and has left her formidable mark on documentaries such as ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ and ‘Citizenfour’. With ‘Cameraperson’, she has assembled a collage of moments that she has filmed along the way. Read more.

’Citizen Jane: Battle for the City’ by Matt Tyrnauer.  

The author and activist Jane Jacobs was a true pioneer, standing up against a male- and finance-dominated construction industry to preserve her city in 1950s-60s New York. Read more.

’Cause of Death Unknown’ by Anniken Hoel.

Anniken Hoel’s sister’s death launches the brave Norwegian director onto a courageous mission to uncover the cynical pharmaceutical industry in powerful film. Read more.

’Craigslist Allstars’ by Samira Elogaz.

The young performance artist Samira Elagoz posts an ad on Craigslist and documents her encounters from Amsterdam and Tokyo, from casual conversations to direct and intimate encounters. Read more.

Jaha’s Promise’ by Kate O’Callaghan & Patrick Farrely

A strong story about an even stronger woman, who confronts a global taboo: female genital mutilation and forced marriage. Read more. 

’Lida’ by Anne Eborn

A film by Anna Eborn celebrating love and happiness at any age, with an 81-year-old Swedish woman named Lida as the main protagonist, in the middle of Ukrainian nowhere. Read more.

’Shapeshifters’ af Sophie Vukovic

Sophie Vukovic makes touching and personal film about her own story of growing up as an immigrant, her family and the concept of “home”. Read more.

’ …when you look away’ by Phie Ambo

Phie Ambo investigates the limits of human consciousness in this colossal project that combines scientific facts and metaphysical elements. Read more.

’Radio Kobanï’ af Reber Dosky

An exceptionally compelling story about a strong and dedicated 21-year-old woman’s fight for her local radio station in the war-torn city of Kobanï. Read more.