Star Wars have one, Twin Peaks have one, and now CPH:DOX has put together their own merchandise line too. Christmas is coming early this year!

No idea what to give to your documentary-loving friend or your politically interested father? This is for you then – neatly wrapped CPH:DOX gift boxes with discount cards, totebags and key chains.

Gifts that keep on giving until the end of March. Tote bags and key chains are available in both black and white. Clean and simple. There are two versions of the gift set: the first offers a discount card for 4 film tickets and the second for 6 tickets. With both sets you can save the amount of at least one regular CPH:DOX ticket price (85 DKK).

Set 1:                                                           Set 2:

1 Key hanger                                              1 Key Hanger

1 Tote Bag                                                   1 Tote Bag

1 Discount card for 6 tickets                   1 Discount Card for 4 tickets

Price: 475 Kr.  (Worth: 635 Kr.)              Price: 350 Kr. (Worth: 465 Kr.) 

With a set like that under the Christmas tree you’ll be the family’s angel, and be on Santa’s good list for years to come.

Of course you can also give it as an excuse for some quality time (and invite yourself along too.)

Find your giftbox HERE