An evening curated by Bat for Lashes, an Opening Party with Olof Dreijer from The Knife as dj and brand new, strong documentaries about PJ Harvey, Aurora and Michael Jackson are among the highlights of this year’s music programme at CPH:DOX.

See the full programme below.

For the 16th time, the international documentary film festival CPH:DOX will this March take over Copenhagen with more than 200 documentaries, art, debates, talks, events – and as always a carefully curated programme consisting of strong music documentaries and audiovisual concerts.

The entire programme will be launched on March 1st, but today the festival is ready to announce the full music programme for 2019, consisting of 18 music documentaries in the film series SOUND & VISION and 24 concerts in the curated concert programme AUDIO:VISUALS that brings together visual art and live music from local shooting stars and international icons.

The programme release will be celebrated at the launch tonight (Friday, February 15) with the screening of the new PJ Harvey film ‘A Dog Called Money’ at Empire Bio followed by an after-party at RUDO just across the street.

An evening with Bat For Lashes

One of this year’s curated evenings at CPH:DOX 2019 offers film, talk and dj-set in the company of one of the heroines of alternative pop music. British-Pakistani Natascha Khan, also known as Bat For Lashes. Natascha Khan has made four acclaimed albums and has been compared to names such as Kate Bush and Björk. For CPH:DOX, Natascha Khan has led the curation of a special night at Bremen Teater, here she will give a moderated talk and present extracts from film classics such as ‘Night of The Hunter’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and newer cult classics like ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ and ‘Mandy’ that have inspired her upcoming album.

Natasha Kahn says: “I’m excited to explore some of my favourite moments in cinema, themes that cover the hero’s’ journey, surrealism and phenomena in film, and the relationship between music and visual art. I’m looking forward to also sharing some new film work and talking about my journey into directing.”

International icons and Danish shooting stars

The Swedish electro-pioneer Olof Dreijer, one part of The Knife, will visit the festival with a dj-set and a talk for the spectacular Opening Party at Kunsthal Charlottenborg on March 22nd. Dreijer will start out with a talk on feminism, queerness, and the political situation in Europe anno 2019. Afterwards Olof Dreijer will take over the decks and delivery a dj-set that takes no prisoners with his always heartfelt mixes.

A highlight within the concert series AUDIO:VISUALS is the film ‘ZONA /3OHA’ which will be screened in collaboration with Boiler Room’s film platform 4:3. ‘Zona’ examines the youth culture in contemporary Russia through interviews with fashion designers, street rappers, artists, and cultural agents. After the screening, the artists behind the soundtrack, singer-songwriter and cellist Lucinda Chua and composer Alex Epton, will perform the sound scape from the film.

Audiences will also be able to experience audiovisual concerts with several Danish artists. The electronic musician Bjørn Svin has collaborated with the visual artist Carl Emil Carlsen. Together they have created innovative and expressive works where electronic music merges with abstract visuals, and during CPH:DOX they are – as the duo Silicium- presenting their newest project. The Danish songwriter and musician Bisse, is also joining the festival in connection to the film screening of ‘A Busker Sings His Life’ about a Danish street musician.

Other concerts include Invisible Hands with Adam Bishop and his three young, Egyptian musicians, ambient-composer Roger Eno, and the sophisticated Nick Drake-incarnation Hjalte Ross. Also, the Danish trio CHINAH visits the festival with a performance of their newest album ‘Anyone’ visualized by a Danish filmmaker trio.  

New, strong music documentaries

The film section SOUND & VISION is dedicated to this year’s best music films. This year the programme features among others the documentary ‘Doin’ My Drugs’ about the Danish singer Thomas Buttenschøn’s global fight against AIDS in Zambia. Also, legendary names like Johnny Cash, New Order, Beth Gibbons from Portishead, Leonard Cohen, and Suede are all featured in new films at the festival.

CPH:DOX will also be presenting an exclusive pre premiere of the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’, chronicling Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse allegations. The film’s director, Dan Reed, will be present at the screening to answer questions from the audience. The screening takes place already on March 7, as a countdown event for the festival.

The ticket sales for the concerts in AUDIO:VISUALS are already on sale while the ticket sales for the films in SOUND & VISION will start on March 1st.

See the full line-up of all concerts and films here below:


AUDIO:VISUALS 2019 (concerts)

This Is Not This Heat (UK), 5+6/3, ALICE

Omar Souleyman (SYR) 9/3, Den Grå Hal

Fleurie vs. Mina Paasche (US) 20/3 Hotel Cecil

ML Buch + support: GEL (DK) 20/3, ALICE

Roger Eno (UK) 21/3, Musikcaféen

Eivør (FO) 21/3, Bremen Teater

An Evening With Animal Collective & Coral Morphologic (US) 22/3, Aveny-T

An Evening With Bat For Lashes (UK) 23/3, Bremen Teater

Chelou (UK) 23/3, Musikcaféen

GAS (DE) + support: Yuri (DK) 23/3, Aveny-T

Hjalte Ross + support: Bona Fide (DK) 23/3, Loppen

Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes: Film + concert (DK) 23/3, Charlottenborg

Fribytterdrømme (DK) 24/3, Aveny-T

The Invisible Hands: Film + concert (EG/US) 25/3, ALICE

CPH:DOX & Boiler Room 4:3: ZONA / 3OHA + Alex Epton (US) & Lucinda Chua (UK) 28/3, Aveny-T

Chinah vs. exner.kaldan.jansson: ‘Anyone’  (DK) 29/3, VEGA

Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) performing ‘A Warm Weather Ghost’ (US) 29/3, AVENY-T

Silicum: ‘Primordial’ (Bjørn Svin vs. Carl Emil Carlsen) (DK) 30/3, Charlottenborg

Josiah Konder + First Flush (DK) 30/3, ALICE

Alex Zhang Hungtai (RC) vs. Lau Lindqvist (DK) 30/3, Hotel Cecil

Datarock (NO) 31/3, Hotel Cecil

The Black Nothing vs. Jeppe Lange (DK) 31/3, Mezzaninen, Charlottenborg

GadeJørgen: Film + Bisse concert (DK) 31/3, Aveny-T


SOUND & VISION 2019 (music films)

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash (Thom Zimmy)

Suede: The Insatiable Ones (Mike Christie)

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (Nick Broomfield)

Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes (Sophie Huber)

PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money (Seamus Murphy)

Fribytterdrømmen (Søren Frederiksen)

Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records (Nicolas Jack Davies)

Indus Blues (Jawad Sharif)

The Heart Is a Drum (Jacob Frössén)

Once Aurora (Stian Servoss & Benjamin Langeland)

New Order: Decades (Mike Christie)

Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3 (feat. Beth Gibbons) (Michał Merczyński)

Leaving Neverland (Dan Reed)

Doin’ my Drugs (Tyler Q Rosen)

The Men’s Room (Petter Sommer & Jo Vemund Svendsen)

The Revenge of the Diva (Emelie Jönsson & Gustav Ahlgren)

Everybody in the Place (Jeremy Deller)

Berlin Bouncer (David Dietl)