A sucker for reality? Get your fix at the third day of CPH:DOX with REALITY:CHECK, films and exciting events!

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REALITY:CHECK – the new democracy meeting
At a time when many Danes feel unattached to the political process REALITY:CHECK offers a film, debate and event programme where involvement and conversation is the focus and where democratic participation is more than voting every fourth year. During REALITY:CHECK’s last day you can meet Mogens Herman Hansen in conversation with Rune Lykkeberg (11:00), Bill Binney at the Cryptoparty (11:45), Peter Øvig Knudsen and activist Max Schrems in a debate about  ‘Facebookistan’ (16:15 ), David van Reybrouck in conversation with Bo Lidegaard (18:30) and last but not least Flemming Rose in conversation with Daniel og Emmanuel Leconte, the directors of ‘Je Suis Charlie’ (20:45).
It all goes down in TELTET in Kongens Have.

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Political, satirical activism
For over 20 years, the satirical activist duo The Yes Men has turned the mainstream media and multinational corporate powers upside down with simple, but always razor-sharp and provocative means, by infiltrating the closed world of the political and financial elite. But after twenty years in action, the two masterminds are now going through their own crisis. Has their work had any impact at all? And how do you reconcile a family life and a future with an anarchistic career as a performance activist? See The Yes Men Are Revolting at 12:00 in Grand.

‘The Yes Men’ are also present and will introduce the film.

The future of sound and festival design
Water on Mars and Donald Trump in the presidential race – it’s hard to predict what the future holds in store. The same is true in the world of music festival, which today offers sound design and production that constantly challenges the boundaries of what both sound and a festival is. In ‘9 Futures: Sounds Fragmenting’ the director and The Wire journalist Nathaniel Budzinski travels around to some of Europe’s most innovative sound festivals and films while the experiments run amok. Join for the screening of the film at 19:00 at Dagmar.

The Visit director sets the bar high!
With films such as ‘The Visit’ and ‘Into Eternity’, the Danish artist and filmmaker Michael Madsen has set new standards for what contemporary documentaries can achieve. With ‘The Reviews’ he sets the bar even higher, and evokes the film experience directly into your brain! An evocative, performative live review of imaginary – and of course highly original! – filmhistorical works, which quite simply don’t exist before you are invited to imagine them, while seated in front of the tabula rasa of the screen in the cinema’s space of possibilities. See the film in Cinemateket at 19.15.

You can also get tickets to…
‘Je Suis Charlie’ about the tragedy, aftermath and democratic crisis after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. See the film 16:45 in Cinemateket and meet the directors Daniel and Emmauel in conversation with Flemming Rose 20.45 in TELTET in Kongens Have. It neither too late to reserve tickets to  ‘Listen to Me Marlon’ – The ultimate film about one of the 20th century’s greatest cultural icons, and one of its most enigmatic personalities – told by himself. See the film 16:40 in Grand. Or how about a film about intrigues, jealousy and scandals in the russian ballet? The world-famous Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow is, for better or worse, an image of a culture where the biggest dramas take place in the wings. See ‘Bolshoi Babylon’ 14:20 in Grand.